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Η Caterham παρουσίασε το νέο της εταιρικό λογότυπο στο οποίο ξεχωρίζει το πράσινο χρώμα. Κάτω από την ομπρέλα του βρετανικού ομίλου υπάρχουν οι Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI), Caterham Composites, Caterham Bikes, Caterham Moto Racing Team, Caterham Challenge καθώς επίσης οι ομάδες της Formula 1 και του GP2.

Η Caterham δηλώνει περήφανη για τις πράσινες αποχρώσεις του νέου της λογότυπου, το οποίο δηλώνει υπερηφάνεια προς τη βρετανική πολιτιστική κληρονομιά, ενώ αντικατοπτρίζει τη δέσμευση της μάρκας να προσφέρει προσιτή διασκέδαση σε όλο το φάσμα των επιχειρήσεων της.

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Caterham Unveils Bold New Group Rebrand

Caterham today unveils its fresh new branding, designed to spearhead the Caterham Group’s continuing international expansion and diversification into new sectors.

The new corporate identity features a bold new selection of green tones and a coloured Union Flag emblem, all reflecting Caterham’s proud British heritage.

Since Malaysian entrepreneurs Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun purchased the Caterham brand in 2011, the original sportscar company has been joined in the Group by Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI), Caterham Composites, Caterham Bikes, Caterham Moto Racing Team, Caterham Challenge and the F1 and GP2 race teams.

The rebrand will be applied across all arms of the Group and has been designed to mirror the brand’s commitment to deliver ‘accessible fun’ across its whole spectrum of businesses.

Tony Fernandes, Caterham Group Co-Chairman said: “The Caterham coloured Union Flag emblem is our celebration of Caterham’s British heritage. The Caterham brand has been in existence for over 40 years and, in simple terms, is a brand that puts smiles on people’s faces. It is a proud British brand, one that celebrates Britain’s engineering prowess and we, in turn, are proud to showcase our British heritage.

“This is an exciting time for Caterham across all our interests; our F1 team is embarking on its fifth season with everything in place to make serious progress this year. On the roads, Caterham Cars goes from strength to strength, winning universal praise for launching its fastest ever road car, the 620R and the same acclaim for our lowest-priced model, the 160. We also have our roadcar partnership with Renault, which started in F1, and that is now firmly into the development phase of our first product, which will be on the roads in early 2016.

“In late 2013, we launched Caterham’s first two-wheeled ventures, while CTI is involved in a number of fascinating projects. Many of these we cannot talk about for confidentiality reasons, but there is a team in Hingham, working very closely with Caterham Cars and Renault on our new road car, bringing their skill set to bear alongside a major international car manufacturer.

“Caterham Composites, our specialist composite design and manufacturing consultancy in Germany, is also working on a range of concepts, including a project with Airbus Group on new, lightweight aircraft seats. The benefits of that project are obvious, and they are a good example of how we are creating innovation and revenue across the Group.

“Overall, this is an incredibly exciting time to be part of Caterham in all its guises. I am very pleased to see that companies of the stature of GE, Airbus Group and Dell / Intel continue to share our vision and I am excited about seeing how much further we can grow in 2014. I firmly believe that we will look back on 2014 as the year the Caterham story really began.”