Audi S8 by ABT Sportsline

H ABT έπιασε στα χέρια της το Audi S8, δυναμώνοντας τον V8 TFSI twin-turbo κινητήρα 4,0-λίτρων ώστε αυτός να αποδίδει 640 άλογα με 780 Nm ροπής, αύξηση της τάξεως των 120 ίππων με 130 Nm ροπής.

Η τελική ταχύτητα περιορίζεται ηλεκτρονικά στα 280 χλμ/ώρα, με τον Γερμανικό βελτιωτικό οίκο να προσθέτει τετραπλές ανοξείδωτες απολήξεις εξατμίσεων, ηλεκτρονικά ρυθμιζόμενη ανάρτηση, η οποία αυξομειώνει το ύψος κατά 25 mm, και ζάντες 20″ μπροστά και 21″ πίσω.

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King of the Road: Audi S8 with 640 hp and attractive components

Bavarian King Ludwig II loved architectural extravaganzas, as you can tell by his fairytale castles. But if he were alive and drive a car he would certainly not only like Neuschwanstein but also the excellent “wagon maker” ABT Sportsline, the globally leading tuner of vehicles produced by the Volkswagen Group, which would be able to sell the King a newly tuned Audi S8, based on the latest facelift variant.

ABT Power “New Generation“, the premium uprating with a separately developed control unit, ups this car’s performance from 520 hp/382 kW to 640 hp/471 kW, with the 4.0 TFSI’s torque increased from 650 to 780 Nm. With so many “horses”, Ludwig II would have been in Herrenchiemsee or any other of his castles in a jiffy, especially if you consider the new top speed of 280 km/h.

And who would need fanfares if your ride were to be accompanied by the sound and looks of a four-pipe ABT muffler system made of stainless steel? The legendary fairytale king, by the way, didn’t only love music but was overall artistically inclined. The 21’’ ABT DR alloy wheels, so monumentally looking on the car in the photo, certainly would have impressed him with their contrasting colours of Mystic Black and a machine-relieved well. But His Majesty could also have chosen something smaller or, alternatively, the Gun-Metal finish. Or perhaps an entirely different design? In which case, ABT would have 20’’ ER-C wheels – in silver-bulllet or Gun-Metal color. And you can lower this sporty Audi luxury car with the ABT Level Control; by 25mm each on both the front and rear axle.

ABT S8 Facelift – Data and Facts

Engine: 4.0 TFSI, 3.993 cc capacity, Biturbo-V8
Performance tuning: ABT POWER “New Generation”
Performance: 640 HP/471 kW (standard: 520 HP/382 kW) / 780 Nm (standard: 650 Nm)
Speed Limit now: about 280 km/h

ABT Level Control (lowering approx. 25 mm)

ABT muffler system (mid and rear muffler)

ABT WHEELS in design ER-C or DR in 9.5 x 20 or 9.0 x 21 inches
Available also as complete set of wheels with sports tires in sizes 275/35 R20 or 275/35 R21