Το 2014 αποδεικνύεται μια καλή χρονιά για τις Γαλλικές αυτοκινητοβιομηχανίες, όπως έδειξαν οι πωλήσεις τους κατά το πρώτο εξάμηνο του έτους. Το Renault Group πούλησε παγκοσμίως 1.365.418 αυτοκίνητα (+4,7% σε σχέση με το 2013), με τις πωλήσεις στην Ευρώπη να αυξάνονται κατά 18%. Η Renault έχει πουλήσει μέσα στους πρώτους έξι μήνες 1.063.538 αυτοκίνητα παγκοσμίως, η Dacia 263.110 αυτοκίνητα και η Renault Samsung 38.770. Η PSA Peugeot Citroen από τη μεριά της ανακοίνωσε πως στη Κίνα είδε τις πωλήσεις της να ανέρχονται σε 355.500 μονάδες (+28%). Αναλυτικές λεπτομέρειες μπορείς να βρεις στο δελτίο τύπου που ακολουθεί.

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  • 355,500 units sold in the first half of 2014 (local production + imports)
  • Growth of 28% in a market up 12.3%
  • Market share of 4.36%

In the first half of 2014, PSA Peugeot Citroën’s unit sales in China rose 28% in a market up 12.3% thanks to the performance of joint ventures Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën Automobile (DPCA) and Changan PSA Automobile (CAPSA). China has been the Group’s largest world market since March 2014.

DPCA recorded sales growth of 24.5% during the period, with 342,900 units sold. This increase, representing almost twice that of the market, lifted the Dongfeng-PSA Peugeot Citroën joint venture’s market share by 0.4 points over the first half to 4.2%.

Dongfeng Peugeot’s sales rose 33%, with 183,400 units invoiced. The Peugeot 2008 launched on 17 April got off to an extremely fast start, with more than 11,100 units already invoiced at the end of June. The 3008 pursued its strong growth, with units sold up 37% to 33,700.In addition, the 301 confirmed its good trend since launch, with 36,700 units sold in the first half, and the 308 remained a strong performer, with 44,200 units sold.

DF Peugeot’s dealership network further expanded to 436 outlets at 30 June, on track to meet the target of 480 dealerships at the end of the year.

In the second half, DF Peugeot will launch the new Peugeot 408, the first car developed in China on the new EMP2 platform.

Dongfeng Citroën’s sales rose 16%, with 159,900 units invoiced. The new C-Elysée enjoyed very strong sales during the period, with 45,700 units invoiced at 30 June, while the C4L recorded a 75% increase in unit sales to 35,000.

The DF Citroën network also continued to add new dealerships, reaching a total of 442 at 30 June for a year-end target of 470.

Sustained growth in sales has led DPCA to raise its 2014 sales target to 700,000 units from the initially targeted 650,000.

CAPSA, the joint venture between Changan and PSA Peugeot Citroën, achieved unit sales of 9,800 over the first half, thanks in particular to the performance of the DS 5 and DS 5LS, two models produced at the Shenzhen plant and launched in September 2013 and March 2014, respectively.Growth was also supported by the development of the distribution network, which included 60 DS Stores at 30 June, in line with the objective of covering China’s 70 largest cities by end-2014.

In the second half, the Brand will launch its first premium SUV. Unveiled last April at the Beijing Auto Show under the DS 6WR name and well received by the media and public, this model will enhance the Brand’s sales performance in China.

With the 2 July announcement that DPCA intends to build a fourth production facility in Chengdu, PSA Peugeot Citroën and its two joint ventures, DPCA and CAPSA, will have a total of five assembly plants in China in 2016 with an aggregate production capacity of 1.2 million vehicles.

Commenting on the first-half sales results in China, Grégoire Olivier, Executive Vice President, Asia, declared: “The Group’s results in China are excellent and we are growing twice as fast as the market. The increase in sales exceeded expectations, with volumes up a robust 28% and market share widening to 4.36%. Looking forward, we plan to leverage our strategic partnership with Dongfeng in China and beyond, while continuing, of course, to actively develop the DS brand with CAPSA.”

World sales results in first-half 2014

Renault gains momentum in Europe and holds firm internationally

In the first half of the year, the strong performance of the Renault and Dacia brands in Europe, driven by the success of Clio, Captur, Duster phase 2 and Sandero, enabled the Group to offset the sharp slowdown in its main emerging markets.

With nearly 1.4 million vehicles sold worldwide at end-June 2014, Renault group PC+LCV sales increased by 4.7% in the first half of 2014 compared to 2013.

In Europe, Renault group sales increased by 18%, far exceeding market growth, which was up 6.5%. The Renault brand recorded growth of 13%. Dacia is the fastest growing brand (gaining 0.5 points of market share) over the semester.

Group sales outside of Europe are down 9% due to the economic and financial crises in its main emerging markets. Within this context, the Group is holding firm and still recording market share growth in Eurasia and Latin America, with a record first-half in Brazil (7% market share).

“In the first half of 2014, Renault brand sales in Europe were up, thanks to Clio and Captur. Dacia is the fastest growing brand in the Region. As a result, Renault is able to diminish the impact of the decline in our main emerging markets and to maintain the Group’s positive momentum”, says Jérôme Stoll, Chief Performance Officer and Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.

Highlights in first-half 2014

Renault group sales increased by 4.7% to 1,365,418 units in a global automotive market up 3.8% in the first half of 2014.


In a growing market (+6.5%), in contrast to 2013, the Group sold 776,236 vehicles (+18%) and took PC+LCV market share of 10.2% (+1 point).

Group sales increased by 18% with 776,236 units sold. PC+LCV market share increased by 1 point to 10.2%. Group sales grew substantially across nearly all countries. The most substantial growth was recorded in Portugal (+68%), United-Kingdom (+65%), Ireland (+52%), Spain (+35%) and the Nordic countries (+37%).

Clio was still the best-selling vehicle on the French market at end-June, and the third best-selling vehicle in Europe[1].

The Group became a recognised expert in the urban crossover segment with Captur, first in the B segment in Europe, and Duster, third in the C segment[2] (and first in France). 

The Renault brand confirmedits position as the third largest brand in the European PC+LCV market, with market penetration of 7.6% (+0.4 point). The brand is the B-segment leader with Clio and Captur[3]. The brand entered its 17th consecutive year as LCV market leader with a 14.3% share (+0.2 point), and volume which rose 11%.

Dacia brand sales recorded the strongest increase of any brand. Bolstered by the renewal of its range and the relevance of its offer in today’s difficult economic environment in Europe, the brand grew its PC+LCV market share by 0.5 points to 2.6%.

In France, in a growing market (+2.7%), the Group registered 313,682 vehicles (+12.5%) for a PC+LCV market share of 27.3%, up 2.4 points. At end-June, New Clio was the best-selling vehicle in the French market. With 33,910 sales, Captur consolidated its success and was the country’s best-selling SUV. Scénic, the leading compact MPV, is holding firm against newer competitive models. Overall, five of the Group’s models were among the TOP 10 best-selling vehicles at end-June.

Dacia, with 5.3% of the PC+LCV market (+1.1 points), is firmly established in fifth position (fourth for sales to individuals). Sandero and Duster sales surged by more than 30% and 58% respectively compared to the same period in 2013.

Renault also leads the LCV market, where Kangoo Express is the top-selling model.


Due to the downturn in its main emerging markets, Group sales are down 9% to 589,182 units. They represent 43% of total sales (compared to 50% in the first half of 2013). The Group is affected by declining markets in Algeria (-31% TIV), Turkey (-26% TIV), Argentina (-24% TIV), Russia (-8% TIV), and Brazil (-7%), with a sharp downward trend in those countries, and India (-5% TIV).

Eurasia region

In the Eurasia region, Renault is performing better than the market with sales down 7% in a market down 9%.

In Russia, the Group’s third largest market, Renault is still the second leading brand in the country after Lada, with a stable market share of 7.8%, pending the full effect of the renewal of its M0 range. 

Following the collapse of the Ukrainian market, Kazakhstan (+11% TIV) became the second largest market in the region. Renault is continuing its market penetration in the region and doubled its sales thanks to Duster; market share surged by 2.6 points to 5.4%.

Asia-Pacific region

With 110,903 vehicles sold, Group sales were down 12% (-2.8% excluding Iran), in particular due to the situation in Iran and the drop in the Indian market. Group market share in the region is slightly down at 0.5%.

In South Korea, Renault Samsung Motors recorded 40% volume growth in a market that grew by 7%. Market share rose 1.1 points to 4.7%. RSM has once again become the country’s fourth leading brand. The success of the new QM3 is the main driver of this recovery.

Euromed-Africa region

Group sales in the Euromed-Africa region are down 15% in a market that fell 11%.

After several strong years, the Algerian market is experiencing a major downturn. The Renault group is still the market leader in the country, with a 25.4% market share.

The Group held firm in Turkey, where the market fell 26%, and achieved a 17.6% market share, up 0.5 points. Fluence is the best-selling vehicle in this market[4].

The Group is still well ahead in Morocco, with market share of 37% and six models among the TOP 10 at end-May.

Americas region

With 205,390 vehicles sold, Group sales are down 2% in a regional market which fell 9%.

In Brazil, the Group’s second largest market, sales increased by 8% in a market that fell 7%. The Group’s market share gained 1 point and reached a record high of 7% thanks to 110,146 sales.

In a vulnerable Argentinian market (-24%), Renault maintained its market share (14.4%) while prioritising the profitability of its operations. 

 2014 sales outlook

In the second half of the year, the Group’s main markets will develop in keeping with the results of the first half. We expect annual growth of 3 to 4% in Europe, with a French market up 1%.

Within this context, Renault confirms its earlier projections of market share gain in Europe and of increased worldwide sales volumes.

To achieve this, the Group will rely on:

– the proven success of its new products: Clio, Captur, Sandero and Duster phase 2;

– the forthcoming launches of New Twingo and New Trafic;

– the international roll-out of New Logan and New Sandero.

“The continued renewal of Logan and Sandero internationally should enable us to hold firm in falling emerging markets. In Europe, the imminent launches of New Twingo and New Trafic will confirm the trend of the first six months. Within this context, we confirm our projections of increased market share in Europe and of greater worldwide sales”, says Jérôme Stoll, Chief Performance Officer and Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.

Group sales by region PC+LCV 

2014* 2013* % var.
France 313,682 278,848 12.5%
Europe** (excl. France) 462,554 378,586 22.2%
France + Europe Total 776,236 657,434 18.1%
Euromed Africa 166,695 196,562 -15.2%
Eurasia 106,194 114,217 -7.0%
Asia Pacific 110,903 126,111 -12.1%
Americas 205,39 210,103 -2.2%
Total excl. France + Europe 589,182 646,993 -8.9%
World 1,365,418 1,304,427 4,70%

* Sales at end-June
** Europe = EU (28 countries – Bulgaria & Romania) + Balkans (5 countries) + Iceland, Norway and Switzerland

Sales by brand

2014* 2013* % var.
PC 906,439 916,473 -1.1%
LCV 157,099 147,169 6.7%
PC+LCV 1,063,538 1,063,642 0.0%
PC 245,553 200,121 22.7%
LCV 17,557 11,486 52.9%
PC+LCV 263,11 211,607 24.3%
PC 38,77 29,178 32.9%
PC 1,190,762 1,145,772 3.9%
LCV 174,656 158,655 10.1%
PC+LCV 1,365,418 1,304,427 4,70%

* Sales at end-June

Top 15 Group markets at end-June 2014

Country Sales  Market share
1 FRANCE 313,682 27.3%
2 BRAZIL 110,146 7.0%
3 RUSSIA 96,421 7.8%
4 GERMANY 88,634 5.4%
5 ITALY 69,2 8.5%
6 SPAIN 62,561 12.2%
7 GREAT BRITAIN 54,67 3,80%
8 ARGENTINA 52,474 14.4%
9 TURKEY 50,15 17.6%
10 BELGIUM LUXEMBURG 46,606 13.3%
11 ALGERIA 44,136 25,40%
12 SOUTH KOREA 36,977 4,70%
13 INDIA 24,129 1.6%
14 MOROCCO 23,901 37.0%
15 NETHERLANDS 22,531 9.9%

[1]Figures at end-May 2014
[2]Figures at end-May 2014
[3] Figures at end-May 2014
[4]Figures at end-May 2014