Fiat 500 Abarth Scorpion concept

H Fiat στη φετινή SEMA θα παρουσιάσει το 500 Abarth Scorpion και 500L Custom. Το πρώτο είναι βαμμένο σε λευκό και κόκκινο χρώμα, διαθέτει σκουρόχρωμα φωτιστικά, μαύρες ζάντες, ειδικά αυτοκόλλητα, carbon πλαινούς καθρέπτες και νέα cat-back εξάτμιση.

Fiat 500L Custom concept

Το Fiat 500L Custom είναι βαμμένο σε βυσσινί/μαύρο χρώμα, φορά νέες ζάντες, μπροστά spoiler, χαμηλότερη ανάρτηση, νέα cat-back εξάτμιση, και δερμάτινες/Alcantara επενδύσεις.

Chrysler 200S Mopar concept

H Chrysler με τη σειρά της θα παρουσιάσει ένα βελτιωμένο 200S Mopar. Βαμμένο σε μαύρο χρώμα τριπλής επίστρωσης, φορά νέο bodykit, χαμηλότερη ανάρτηση, ζάντες 19″, τετραπλές απολήξεις, μεγάλα φρένα, cat-back εξάτμιση και νέο φίλτρο αέρα.

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Chrysler 200S Mopar

Mopar has upgraded the production 200S model with parts and accessories from the Mopar portfolio of products showcasing how customers can tap into the Mopar Custom Shop to personalize their vehicle before they take delivery of their new car.

The simple elegance and extraordinary driving experience of the 200S model is amplified with the Chrysler 200S Mopar. With a Phantom Black Tri-coat exterior paint and a distinctive Ambassador Blue leather interior, the 200S Mopar immediately stands out. Adding to the standout appearance is the addition of a Mopar body kit, which includes a unique front splitter, side sills, rear side sill extensions and rear valance. The rear of the vehicle sports Mopar prototype quad exhaust tips. A coilover lowering kit and 19-inch wheels with a unique Mopar bronze finish round out the visual cues.

The Chrysler 200S Mopar isn’t just visually different. It gets an added performance boost achieved through bolt-on Mopar performance parts, including Mopar cold-air intake, cat-back exhaust and a Mopar big brake kit that provides added stopping power.

Customers will be able to order a version of the Chrysler 200S Mopar show vehicle in the first half of 2015. Look for a Mopar body kit and Mopar wheels for the 200S to be available in the near future from the Mopar Custom Shop.

Fiat 500L Custom
Combining West Coast culture with Italian design, the Fiat 500L Custom provides a unique mix of color and styling for both modernists and traditionalists. A two-tone color mix pairs red on the lower body with black on the upper half, creating a stark visual appearance.

Sticking to its sporty roots, the 500L Custom has been lowered and rides on Mopar prototype lightweight wheels. Up front, a functional Mopar splitter, also a prototype accessory, provides downforce and adds to the stylish look. The 500L Custom also is outfitted with a Mopar cat-back exhaust.

The red-and-black theme continues inside the Fiat 500L Custom, from the seats to the door panels, and from the dash to the instrument panel and gauge cluster. Mopar seat covers feature red Katzkin leather and black Alcantara suede, along with red stitching. The instrument panel is adorned in a matching body-color red. The steering wheel carries the red-and-black theme as well.

Fiat 500 Abarth Scorpion
Performance is what brings the Fiat 500 Abarth Scorpion to life, providing an ideal canvas to showcase Abarth performance offerings for the production vehicle.

Forged lightweight Abarth wheels drive the Fiat 500 Abarth Scorpion, and a new Abarth cat-back exhaust system brings forth a deep, rumbling note from the sport coupe. The exterior color pattern follows the two-tone theme of the Fiat 500L Custom. A red-painted upper portion and white-trimmed lower half work together to accentuate the Abarth Scorpion logo, which is enlarged and appears as if it’s crawling up the front fascia and hood.

Carbon mirror caps and accent-color fog lamp pockets are also part of the front exterior design package. Heading to the rear, a satin black rear valance houses the exhaust tips, and the rear tail lamps are modified with a smoky tint. The Fiat badges are accented in chrome trim with a satin finish.

Inside the 500 Abarth Scorpion, the same two-tone color split is present, with the Scorpion logo enlarged on the passenger side and Katzkin leather interior accented with color stitching and trim. Interior options for the 500 Abarth Scorpion are intended for future availability through the Mopar Custom Shop.