All-new Focus ST. (UK) (06/14/12)

H GGR (Graham Goode Racing), μια βελτιωτική εταιρία από το Μεγάλο νησί, ανακοίνωσε πως προσφέρει ένα κιτ βελτίωσης για το Ford Focus ST που μπορεί να το κάνει να αποδίδει 300 άλογα με 494 Nm ροπής.

Το πακέτο αποτελείται από νέο ελεύθερο φίλτρο αέρα, σπορ εξάτμιση και επαναπρογραμμτισμένη ECU, δυναμώνοντας τον 2,0-λιτρο Ecoboost κινητήρα κατά 50 άλογα και 122 Nm ροπής. Το πακέτο κοστίζει 1.336,8 λίρες (€1.780) και είναι διαθέσιμο τόσο για το pre όσο για το faceift μοντέλο.

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GGR Ford Focus 2.0T ST300 Cold Air Induction System

  • Graham Goode Racing (GGR) raises power of Focus ST 2.0T’s Ecoboost engine by 46 bhp to 296 bhp (approximately 300 PS)
  • Peak torque increases by 90 lb.ft to a maximum of 365 lb.ft
  • Package consists of GGR Cold Air Induction System, a high-flow sports catalyst exhaust downpipe and bespoke Superchips bluefin ECU remap
  • Fully UK MOT emissions compliant and easily reversible to standard
  • Costs from just £1503.60 fitted including VAT, DIY version available for £1336.80 including taxes

Leicester, United Kingdom, 28th January 2015

Leading independent performance Ford specialist Graham Goode Racing Ltd is pleased to start 2015 with the launch of an exciting, no-comprises tuning package for the 2012 onwards Focus ST 2.0T, which hikes peak power to 296 bhp (+46 bhp), allied to a stunning 365 lb.ft of torque (+90 lb.ft) compared the standard measured 250bhp output.

The results of months of careful in-house testing of the standard Focus ST’s powertrain by technicians at its famous Leicester base, the long-established Ford specialist has leveraged all of it’s BTCC race winning expertise to produce a useable, reliable, exciting tuning upgrade of a quality befitting the heritage of Graham Goode Racing.

Designed for the fast Ford enthusiast seeking a more stimulating drive from their hot Focus, the GGR ST300 package is equally at home both on the street and the circuit. Closer examination of the power curves reveals that not only are the GGR enhanced Focus ST’s peak figures vastly superior to the standard Ford, the upgrade delivers greatly flexibility further down the 2.0-litre Ecoboost engine’s rev range, with a maximum power gain of 66 bhp at just 4046 rpm, highlighting the driveable nature of the conversion.

Commenting on the launch, GGR CEO Graham Goode said “With the earliest Focus ST 2.0T models about to fall out of their 3 year manufacturer’s warranty period this is the ideal time for GGR to launch this upgrade, which offers Ford enthusiasts more of a choice of quality tuning options than ever before.”

Pricing and options:-

Suitable for all Ford Focus ST 2.0T Ecoboost models from May 2012 onwards the GGR ST300 conversion is available now on a drive in, drive out installed basis from just £1503.60 including UK VAT @ 20%.

A DIY version of the Focus ST300 package, suitable for installation by independent third party garages or competent enthusiasts, is on sale now for £1336.80 including taxes.

Technical Details:- Graham Goode Racing’s Ford Focus ST300 Package

GGR Ford Focus 2.0T ST300 Cold Air Induction System

The Focus ST300 package dispenses with the standard Focus ST 2.0T airbox which although adequate enough to meet the airflow needs of the stock engine becomes increasingly restrictive as power levels increase. “This is hardly surprising because Ford uses the same airbox across all versions of the Ford Focus” explains GGR’s Technical Manager Alastair Mayne.

To overcome this bottleneck GGR has produced its own Cold Air Induction System (CAIS) for the Focus ST300, which both removes the restrictions of the original as well as greatly enhancing the underbonnet appearance of the car. Moulded in a choice of high quality carbon fibre or polyster weave to motorsport standards, the GGR Focus ST300 CAIS features a large high flow K&N filter element which locates onto a spun aluminium trumpet which doubles as the Mass Air Flow meter housing, which in turn mounts onto a specially designed CNC machined adaptor.

Cleverly designed to re-use the original Ford cool air pick up point in the front radiator grille, the GGR Focus ST300 CAIS offers a far more direct and power-friendly path for incoming air than the standard airbox and also helps to reduce air charge temperatures on the ST’s direct injection, turbocharged 1999cc Ecoboost engine.

GGR Ford Focus 2.0T ST300 High-Flow Sports Cat Exhaust Downpipe

Having removed the main power compromise on the inlet side of the standard Focus ST 2.0T powerplant, the second key element of the GGR ST300 package eliminates the main exhaust restriction – the standard downpipe.

The OEM Ford unit is manufactured for ease of mass production, but at high levels of engine power it constrains exhaust gas flow. GGR has therefore sourced a performance-friendly direct replacement unit which installs into the standard Ford exhaust system and is formed from mandrel bent steel using larger than OE radii to greatly increase flow potential Crucially the GGR down pipe incorporates a 200 CPSI high flow sports catalyst to ensure UK MOT compliance.

Ford Focus 2.0T ST300 Superchips bluefin ECU remap

The final element in the ST300 package is designed to optimise Graham Goode Racing’s mechanical upgrades – a Superchips ECU remap, which contains a revised electronic calibration for fuelling, ignition and boost control.

GGR has enjoyed a long-term collaboration with the Buckingham-based performance electronics specialist and Superchips’ market leading bluefin handset is ideally suited to the Focus ST300 package, as the revised file is programmed easily and rapidly uploaded via the Ford’s On-Board Diagnostics port.

No mechanical or electronic skills are required to upload the GGR / Superchips Focus ST300 remap and the car’s original factory Ford ECU calibration is stored on the bluefin handset for safe keeping, enabling an easy reversion to standard at any time.