Carmen Jorda

Ακόμα πιο έντονο θα είναι το άρωμα γυναίκας στη Formula 1 μετά από τη σημερινή πρόσληψη της Lotus. Η βρετανική ομάδα θα έχει νέα οδηγό εξέλιξης, η οποία είναι η Carmen Jorda. Η Jorda είναι κόρη του πρώην οδηγού αγώνων Jose Miguel Jorda, κατάγεται από την Ισπανία, είναι 26 ετών και πέρυσι αγωνίστηκε στο GP3 με την Koiranen GP.

Ο ρόλος της Jorda θα είναι η παροχή βοήθειας στην αξιολόγηση και τη βελτίωση διαφόρων εξαρτημάτων για το μονοθέσιο, δουλεύοντας στον προσομοιωτή της ομάδας, ενώ η ίδια ίσως έχει ελπίδες να οδηγήσει στο μέλλον κάποιο μονοθέσιο της ομάδας στην πίστα, όπως συνέβη και με την Susie Wolff για λογαριασμό της Williams. Δηλώσεις της Carmen και του Matthew Carter, CEO της ομάδας, μπορείς να διαβάσεις στο παρακάτω δελτίο Τύπου.

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Carmen Jordá is one step closer to her goal of racing in Formula 1 today, as it was announced she would be joining the Lotus F1 Team family for the year as a Development Driver. With her sights firmly set on driving the E23 Hybrid before the year is out, Carmen will work closely with the team on an intensive simulator programme in Enstone, while being put through her paces thanks to a comprehensive fitness regime to prepare for the opportunity.

Combined with attending Grands Prix and tests for Lotus F1 Team, Carmen’s role will focus on assessing the latest developments of the team’s 2015 challenger. With racing experience in both Europe and America, Carmen’s distinctive perspective will serve to further enhance the E23’s evolvement curve.

Daughter of ex-driver Jose Miguel Jorda, Carmen has been racing professionally since 2001 and her goal has always been Formula 1: “It feels like a dream come true to join Lotus F1 Team,” said the Spanish driver. “I’ve been racing since I was ten years old so it was my dream to drive a Formula 1 car since I was very young.

“Joining Lotus F1 Team is a big step towards my goal. I will be working to improve myself as a driver as well as helping the team to develop the car by testing new developments in the simulator; it’s such a fantastic opportunity. I know this is just the beginning and the biggest challenge is yet to come but already being part of a team with such a history is a real honour. This is a great achievement, but an even greater opportunity which will lead to bigger and better things.”

Lotus F1 Team CEO, Matthew Carter, added: “We are happy to announce Carmen Jordáas a Development Driver for Lotus F1 Team and we are looking forward to working with her over the course of the season and ultimately seeing her behind the wheel of the car.

“Carmen will bring a fresh perspective to the team,” continued Matthew, reflecting on Carmen’s racing background which covers Formula 3 and Indy Lights, as well as the GP3 Series. “We have a strong programme for her attending Grands Prix as well as extensive time in our sophisticated simulation facility at Enstone. She is a unique addition to the team and we are looking forward to helping her progress her goals as well as receiving the benefit of her insights and contributions to the development of the E23 Hybrid.”