Concept 26

Η κάποτε κραταιά Ericsson στον τομέα της κινητής τηλεφωνίας σήμερα βγάζει το ψωμί της παρέχοντας υπηρεσίες τηλεπικοινωνιών σε ιδιώτες και επαγγελματίες, ενώ συνεργάζεται και με την Volvo.

Κοινό τους στοιχείο η χώρα προέλευσης, με τις δύο σουηδικές εταιρείες να έχουν εξελίξει και να παρουσιάζουν αύριο στην CES ένα σύστημα υψηλής ταχύτητας internet, που θα παρέχει στους επιβάτες δυνατότητα να streamάρουν μέσα στα αυτόνομα αυτοκίνητα το αγαπημένο τους υλικό, χωρίς το ενοχλητικό buffering.

O Anders Tylman, διευθυντής στον τομέα πρωτότυπων τεχνολογιών της Volvo δήλωσε χαρακτηριστικά:

Φανταστείτε έναν αυτοκινητόδρομο γεμάτο με αυτόνομα οχήματα, οι επιβάτες των οποίων θα μπορούν να παρακολουθούν το αγαπημένο τους τηλεοπτικό πρόγραμμα σε υψηλή ευκρίνεια. Ο νέος τρόπος μετακίνησης θα απαιτεί μεγαλύτερο bandwidth για απολαυστική εμπειρία.

Από την άλλη, ο επικεφαλής της Ericsson για τις υπηρεσίες σε οχήματα, Claes Herlitz, είπε:

Οι έρευνές μας έχουν δείξει ότι τα επόμενα χρόνια σχεδόν το 70% της κίνησης δεδομένων θα αφορά τα video. Η τεχνολογία θα πρέπει να προσφέρει εικόνα υψηλής ευκρίνειας και χωρίς διακοπές.

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Volvo Cars and Ericsson developing intelligent media streaming for self-driving cars

Volvo Cars is looking ahead to when its drivers can sit back and enjoy free time in their car on the daily commute.

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Volvo revealed that it is developing intelligent, high bandwidth, streaming capabilities with its technology partner, Ericsson, that will ensure drivers and passengers get the most out of their time travelling in an autonomous Volvo.

“We recently unveiled our design vision for fully autonomous cars with Concept 26. Now we are actively working on future solutions to deliver the best user experience in fully autonomous mode. Imagine a highway full of autonomous cars with their occupants sitting back watching their favourite TV shows in high definition. This new way of commuting will demand new technology, and a much broader bandwidth to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience,” said Anders Tylman General Manager Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center at Volvo Car Group.

Interruption-free media streaming

Autonomous drive will bring a paradigm shift to mobile net demands. Volvo and Ericsson believe that this shift will see an increased need for consistent and high-bandwidth coverage outside densely populated areas such as city centres and suburbs.

Utilising Ericsson’s network and cloud expertise, Volvo Cars’ aim is to deliver a high quality, interruption-free experience in its cars whilst on the move. By predicting your route and looking ahead at network conditions, content can be tailored to the duration of each trip and intelligently buffered to deliver a high quality and uninterrupted viewing experience.

“Our research shows that almost 70 per cent of all mobile data traffic will be from video in the coming years. This requires an innovative connectivity, cloud and analytics solution that is not only capable of serving multiple moving vehicles across a highway, but also has the capacity to provide the high quality, uninterrupted video service today’s consumer is accustomed to, said Claes Herlitz, Head of Automotive Services at Ericsson.

By learning the most common routes and times of travel and understanding media preferences, future Volvo cars will be able to provide one-click navigation and a customised preference based list of potential media – allowing customers to choose routes and select content tailored to the amount of autonomous time that is available during their commute.

Personalized and optimized content

“If you want to watch the latest episode of your favourite series, the car will know how long the journey needs to take and can optimize the route and driving control accordingly. With autonomous drive it is no longer just a question of just getting from A to B quickly – it’s about the experience you wish to have in the car – how you wish to spend the time you are saving. With our future autonomous drive technology we will provide people with the freedom to choose the way they would like to commute and the content they would like to experience,” concluded Anders Tylman.