Η γαλλική αυτοκινητοβιομηχανία, ξεκινά την συνεργασία της με τον οίκο μόδας του Giorgio Armani, για την παραγωγή δερμάτινων ειδών πολυτελείας, για τον “σοφιστικέ άνδρα που αναζητά συνεχώς αποκλειστική πολυτέλεια“, όπως μας λέει η εταιρία και θα κυκλοφορήσει από το φθινόπωρο.

giorgio-armani-for-bugatti (1)Στη συλλογή μπορείς να βρεις δερμάτινο μπουφάν, σακάκι blouson, και πουλόβερ από κασμίρι. Επιπλέον θα μπορείς να παραγγείλεις χειροποίητα παντελόνια τζιν με αίσθηση βελούδου καθώς και sneakers από δέρμα μοσχαριού, με τις λεπτομέρειες να είναι από δέρμα κροκόδειλου.

Για τους άντρες που τους αρέσουν τα ταξίδια, θα κυκλοφορήσουν επίσης τσάντες ταξιδιού και ένα πορτοφόλι με μπλε επένδυση, στο σχήμα πετάλου αλόγου. Στις επιλογές περιλαμβάνονται και άλλα αξεσουάρ όπως ζώνες, χαρτοφύλακες, πορτοφόλια και θήκες για iPad, όλα φυσικά από δέρμα μοσχαριού ή κροκόδειλου.

Ήταν κάτι που ήρθε φυσικά η συνεργασία μας με τη Bugatti. Και οι δύο λατρεύουμε πράγματα τα οποία κάνουμε καλά,ανθεκτικά και από τα καλύτερα υλικά,

είπε σε δήλωσή του ο Giorgio Armani.

Την ίδια άποψη ενστερνίστηκε και ο πρόεδρος της Bugatti, Wolfgang Durheimer, λέγοντας ότι:

Είναι ένας εξαιρετικά πετυχημένος συνδυασμός στυλ και τελειότητας από το DNA των Giorgio Armani και της Bugatti.

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Milan / Molsheim, June 30th, 2016 – Giorgio Armani and renowned luxury car manufacturer Bugatti are pleased to announce their collaboration for the creation of an artisanal capsule collection of small leather goods and refined clothing – Giorgio Armani for Bugatti.

The Italian and the French brand have come together for the first time to promote a vision of dynamic and timeless elegance. The objective of Giorgio Armani and Bugatti is to offer their customers products that are distinguished by top-quality materials and the skill evident in their creation. The Giorgio Armani for Bugatti capsule collection is made for a sophisticated man who constantly seeks out exclusive luxury.

“It was very natural to come together with Bugatti. We both worship things that are made well, made to last, created out of the best materials. The capsule condenses this encounter in a series of clothes and accessories designed to be worn by men who only look for the best and who live an active and dynamic lifestyle”, said Giorgio Armani.

“Cooperation with Giorgio Armani is a great honour for us,” said Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. “When one of the most influential and highly recognised fashion and lifestyle brands and the most exclusive super sports car brand in the world, which has its roots in art and design, join forces, this is an unusual, exciting and inspiring project. The result is an extremely well-made combination of the style and perfection of Giorgio Armani and the Bugatti brand DNA.”

Accessories and garments in the capsule collection, launching for autumn/winter 2016-2017, feature details that reference the iconic motifs of the Bugatti brand. The horseshoe-shaped emblem on the front of the cars is seen on pendants for bags, while Bugatti’s brand colour blue appears on inner linings of bags, in interior pockets and on the treads and insoles of footwear. The palette, focused on the three stylish and timeless colours of cognac, army green and blue, is a recurring element of the collection.

The highlight of the accessories is an elegant briefcase in soft calfskin, made entirely by hand, with a convenient front pocket; there is also an exquisite version of this piece in lined matte crocodile suede, tactile and luxurious in Bugatti blue. In addition, there is a more roomy weekend bag, while small leather goods, available in calfskin or crocodile skin, include belts, wallets, iPad cases, and beauty cases featuring a prominent zip closure. Clothing includes a coat and blouson jacket in refined double cashmere, superfine cashmere sweaters, a leather jacket with raised collar and concealed hood, as well as treated denim jeans that look as soft as velvet, thanks to their handmade flocking.

The offering is rounded off with calfskin sneakers with crocodile details, which have a blue interior and a Giorgio Armani for Bugattilabel, a sports driver blazer in crocodile skin, available in cognac and army green, and a cap in double cashmere cloth with trim in Bugatti blue.

Garments and accessories are manufactured in limited editions and numbered, and display the special logo: Giorgio Armani for Bugatti.

The capsule collection will be on sale from August 2016 in select Giorgio Armani boutiques and in Ettore Bugatti lifestyle boutiques.