Η Garage Italia Customs βελτίωσε τρία μοντέλα της Jeep και τα παρουσίασε το περιθώριο φεστιβάλ Jazz στο Montreux της Ελβετίας.

Το Cherokee Jazz βασίζεται στο Cherokee Limited, φορά τον 2,2-λίτρων Multijet II diesel κινητήρα και είναι βαμμένο σε μαύρο και σε κόκκινη απόχρωση του ξύλου, ενώ στο εσωτερικό συναντάμε δερμάτινες/Alcantara επενδύσεις στα ίδια χρώματα.

Το Jeep Renegade Vinyl, βασίζεται στην Trailhawk έκδοση και φορά τον ίδιο 2,2-λίτρων Multijet II diesel κινητήρα με αυτόν του Cherokee. Είναι ντυμένο με 3D αυτοκόλλητο βινυλίου σε μπλε ηλεκτρί ματ απόχρωση και στο εσωτερικό υπάρχουν μαύρες Alcantara επενδύσεις και ηλεκτρί διακοσμητικά.

Τέλος, υπάρχει το Grand Cherokee Score το οποίο είναι βαμμένο σε γυαλιστέρο κίτρινο/χρυσαφί χρώμα, ενώ πάνω το σώμα του υπάρχουν μουσικές νότες σε μαύρο φόντο. Διαθέτει μαύρες/λευκές δερμάτινες/Alcantara επενδύσεις και χρυσαφί διακοσμητικά.

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Three exclusive Jeep® show cars by Garage Italia Customs at the 2016 Montreux Jazz Festival

  • Inspired by the world of music, the show cars celebrate 50 years of the famous musical event.
  • Created on the Cherokee, Renegade and Grand Cherokee models.

From 1967 to date, the Montreux Jazz Festival has welcomed world-famous artists, quickly becoming one of most renowned and appreciated international musical events. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Festival, the Jeep® brand, in collaboration with Garage Italia Customs (GIC), has created three unique show cars inspired by the world of music: the Jeep Cherokee Jazz, the Jeep Renegade Vinyl and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Score.

The Style Centre of Lapo Elkann’s creative hub has reinterpreted three key features of the history of the Montreux Jazz Festival and the musical world: the guitar, the vinyl and the score, in a series of “tailor-made” exterior and interior customisations in three unique models. The three one-offs are ‘style exercises’ and highlight the constant creative quest in terms of technology and materials that characterise every single Garage Italia Customs project.

The Jeep Cherokee Jazz show car is inspired by the musical instrument par excellence, the guitar. The Garage Italia Customs maestros have used wrap-paint, the special customisation technique in which adhesive wrap is applied to the bodywork, to recreate the classic wood veneer of the guitar. The vehicle was first encased in a wood-texture film and then painted with great skill and craftsmanship to achieve a veiled effect that ranges from black at the front to red at the rear and is sufficiently transparent to expose the veining of the wrap. The same veiling is found inside on the Foglizzo leather seats.
The Jeep Cherokee Jazz show car is based on the Limited model and equipped with the 2.2-litre Multijet II 200 HP diesel engine and the 9-speed automatic transmission.

The one-off Jeep Renegade Vinyl is dedicated to vinyl, the symbol of a generation and the emblem of music. The very characteristic of this material, the microgroove, was the starting point of the customisation. The Style Centre decided to recreate the same surface on the bodywork with the application of a 3D-effect double-wrap. The Garage Italia Customs engineers first applied a series of concentric circles on the surface and then a complete electric-blue wrapping. The double-wrap creates a tactile sensation when you run your hand over the bodywork. The Alcantara workmanship completes the unique customisation. Created exclusively for the Jeep brand, it reproduces the design of vinyl even on the seats and backrests that are upholstered in black Foglizzo leather.
The Renegade Vinyl show car is based on the Trailhawk model and is equipped with a 2.0-litre, 170 HP Multijet II turbo diesel engine mated to the 9-speed automatic transmission.

The show car range celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Festival is completed by the elegant Jeep Grand Cherokee Score, created on the Jeep flagship model and featuring special paint work with a shiny brass effect applied on the upper section. The sides present obvious reference to musical scores, with brass-coloured notes painted on a black background. The same motif is taken up again in the cabin, with Foglizzo leather upholstered seats featuring the pentagram on the backrest.
Based on the 75th Anniversary model, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Score is powered by a 3.0-litre Multijet II 250 HP engine and eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Boasting a strong and distinctive look that expresses the passion, authenticity and freedom that is in the Jeep heritage, the three show cars reflect the American brand’s natural tendency for customisation. The public can see them at close range at the various festival sites. The Grand Cherokee Score will be on display at the main entrance leading to the Stravinski Auditorium, the most important area at the Festival. While the Cherokee Jazz and the Renegade Vinyl will be displayed at the Jeep Temporary Store.

The three show cars created for the 50th anniversary of the Montreux Jazz Festival represent a step forward in the collaboration between the Jeep brand and Garage Italia Customs initiated last year at the Festival with the creation of two exclusive GIC show cars on the Renegade model. To date 8 Jeep show cars have been personalised by Lapo Elkann’s creative hub, including the two Renegade show cars created last year for the Montreux Jazz Festival, the two Renegade Uncharted Editions produced for the Swiss market and the Renegade Hell’s Revenge showcased at the recent Harley-Davidson® 25th European H.O.G. Rally. A number that demonstrates the fruitful nature of the partnership and makes Jeep the automotive brand that can boast the greatest number of show cars created by GIC.