O τραγουδιστής του συγκροτήματος Jamiroquai, Jason “Jay” Kay, βρέθηκε στο Maranello για να δει από κοντά το πως κατασκευάζονται οι Ferrari, αφού έχει στη κατοχή του πάνω από 10 Ferrari. Εκεί είδε από κοντά τη νέα 458 Spider αλλά έκανε και μερικές βόλτες μέσα σε μια 458 Italia με οδηγούς τους Fernando Alonso και Felipe Massa, με τον Ισπανό να κάνει και μερικά donuts.

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A special day in Maranello for Jamiroquai’s Jason “Jay” Kay

Maranello, 9 September – Tonight he will play on the stage of Monza’s Brianteo stadium at the F1 rock ™ event, but Jay Kay, leader of Jamiroquai and Ferrari enthusiast, benefited from his arrival in Italy to visit Maranello, where he spent an intense day under the sign of the passion for the Prancing Horse.

After his arrival in the morning the English singer tested the FF and the brand-new 458 Spider before he went onto the Fiorano track, where he met the Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, together with a 458 Italia in the special livery “rosso tristrato”.

Jay Kay went for some laps on the track with Felipe and Fernando, who showed him the potential of this 8-cylinder Berlinetta, before handing over the car. The special guest impressed the two drivers with his driving skills and how professionally he took the technically challenging Ferrari test track.

“Jay Kay drives better than we sing,” Alonso and Massa said, receiving an unexpected invite from the singer: “If you want to come to Monza and do some background-singing, we’ll see”. Meanwhile an excellent verdict for the 458 Italia: “A fantastic car with a very direct steering and a perfect gearbox. It’s really great pleasure and great fun to drive.”

At the end of the day Jay Kay met Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, who told him that he has been absent from Maranello for too long since he picked up his Enzo. Jay Kay is an avid collector, with a collection including nine models from the Prancing Horse.