Toyota FT-86 Open Concept

Στην έκθεση της Γενεύης η Toyota θα παρουσιάσει το FT-86 Open Concept, το πρωτότυπο πάνω στο οποίο θα βασιστεί η cabrio έκδοση του GT 86 Μηχανικά η ανοικτή έκδοση δεν αναμένεται να έχει διαφορές και έτσι θα φορά τον 2.0-λιτρο D-4S boxer κινητήρα απόδοσης 200 ίππων με 205 Nm ροπής. Θα διαθέτει μαλακή ηλεκτρικά αναδιπλούμενη οροφή με το βάρος του να αυξάνεται ελάχιστα.

Παράλληλα η Toyota θα παρουσιάσει την Ελβετική πόλη το Toyota i-Road ένα μικρό αμιγώς ηλεκτρικό αυτοκίνητο πόλης το οποίο μπορεί να μεταφέρει δύο άτομα.

Παγκόσμιο ντεμπούτο θα κάνει και η τελική έκδοση του Auris Touring Sports που είδαμε στην έκθεση του Παρισιού, ενώ θα υπάρχει και το Auris Touring Sports Black design study. Τέλος ευρωπαϊκό ντεμπούτο θα κάνει και το νέο RAV4, ενώ στο περίπτερο της θα βρίσκονται και τα RAV4 Premium και RAV4 Adventure design studies.

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Geneva Motorshow 2013: Two new concepts, the new Auris Touring Sports and the new RAV4 underline Toyota’s commitment to ‘Always Making Better Cars’ at the Geneva Motor Show

  • World premiere of the FT-86 Open concept
  • World premiere of the TOYOTA i-ROAD concept
  • World premiere of the Auris Touring Sports
  • European motor show debut of the new RAV4

Brussels, Belgium – From market-leading full hybrid products and award-winning sports cars, through to the launch of the 4th-generation of its pioneering Sport Utility Vehicle and a peak into the future of urban personal mobility, Toyota’s portfolio at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show continues to demonstrate its continued success with the philosophy of ‘Always Making Better Cars’.

FT-86 Open concept
The Toyota FT-86 Open concept is an exciting sneak preview of a possible future variant of the award-winning GT86. Created to gauge customer reaction at the same time as prototype engineering assessments take place, the FT-86 Open concept will demonstrate how driving pleasure could be taken to another level.

The TOYOTA i-ROAD is a compact, fun and emissions-free personal mobility concept capable of swiftly and efficiently transporting two people in an urban environment.

Auris Touring Sports

Following its preview at the Paris Motor Show, the Auris Touring Sports will make its world premiere at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, where full specifications, dimensions and performance data will be revealed.

Combining versatility and dynamic design with superior luggage capacity and segment-unique full hybrid technology, the new Auris Touring Sports is set to become the new point of reference in the medium-sized wagon segment.

The premiere of the new Auris Touring Sports will be supported by one design study – the Auris Touring Sports ‘Black’.

Making its European motor show debut, the new 4th-generation RAV4 builds upon its pioneering heritage to reflect the stronger emphasis placed on family use by the segment’s customers, without sacrificing any of the model’s core values.

The new RAV4 offers distinctive styling, refined premium-quality interior design, greater efficiency and further enhancements to its all-wheel drive system for a more engaging drive.

The debut of the new RAV4 will be supported by two design studies – the RAV4 ‘Premium’ and the RAV4 ‘Adventure’.

Press Conference
The Toyota Press Conference will take place on Stand 4.111 at 13:00 on Tuesday 5th March.