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H Porsche ανακοίνωσε σήμερα, μερικούς μήνες προτού ξεκινήσει η παραγωγής της Macan, ότι θα προσλάβει 1.000 νέους μόνιμους υπαλλήλους οι οποίοι θα τοποθετηθούν στο ανανεωμένο εργοστάσιο της στη Λειψίας. Ο καθένας που ενδιαφέρεται αρκεί να κάνει μια αίτηση εδώ. Σήμερα, η Porsche απασχολεί 1.150 άτομα στο εργοστάσιο της στη Λειψία και με τις νέες προσλήψεις, σχεδόν θα διπλασιάσει το έμψυχο δυναμικό της.

Στις σχετικές ειδήσεις η Porsche ανακοίνωσε ότι θα προτείνει στο διοικητικό συμβούλιο να αυξήσει το μέρισμα ανά μετοχή κατά 2,01 ευρώ. Η απόφαση θα παρθεί στις 30 Απριλίου αφού τα κέρδη της για το 2012 ήταν άκρως ικανοποιητικά. Αυτά ανήλθαν μετά φόρων σε 7,83 δις ευρώ με τα 4,49 δις ευρώ να προέρχονται από την εξαγορά της από την VW. Μετά την εξόφληση όλων των υποχρεώσεών της προς τις τράπεζες, η Porsche έχει αποθεματικό 2,56 δις ευρώ. Για το 2013 προβλέπει κέρδη με της τάξεως των μερικών δις ευρώ.

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Job offers for the production of new Macan published today

Over 1,000 new employees – Porsche expands workforce in Leipzig

Leipzig / Stuttgart. Countdown for the Macan: A few months before the first customer vehicle of the new model range will roll off the assembly line, the starting shot for the hiring of more than 1,000 production workers for permanent jobs at the Porsche plant in Leipzig will be set today. As of now, the jobs can be viewed online at: (www.porsche-leipzig.com/personal). “We have a new addition to our model family – now we’re looking for qualified and highly motivated people in production for the realisation of our ambitious goals. We want employees with petrol in their blood,” said Dr. Oliver Blume, Member of the Executive Board Production and Logistics of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, before media representatives in the new Leipzig body shop today.

Porsche is looking for skilled employees with professional qualifications in body construction, painting, assembly and quality assurance – to include operators, staff for ultrasonic testing, staff for metal sheet forming (and others). Alongside the 1,000 production workers, the location in Saxony is hiring a total of 400 engineers for the planning of the new sections, of which 220 are already on board.

“The interest in a job with Porsche is enormous. We have received 16,500 applications already, even though the big search for staff starts officially only today. The facts speak their own language: attractive environment and a emotional product. Moreover, the jobs here are future-proof, because in Leipzig all signs point to growth,” Siegfried Bülow, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Leipzig GmbH, emphasised in his speech. Porsche AG is investing around 500 million euro in the conversion of the location into a fully-fledged plant with its own paint shop and body assembly hall. It’s the biggest construction project in the history of the sports car maker. Siegfried Bülow on the status of the construction: “The buildings are ready and are water-proof, and the machines are being installed. The first test body was made a few days ago. In the summer, we will commission the new paint shop, so the first customer vehicle will roll off the assembly line at the end of the year. The schedule is a challenge, and the plant extension a truly mammoth task. But we are going all out for it.”

Afterwards, Dr. Blume states: “New plant, new vehicle – and a new team, to boot. Alongside the completion of the building, our greatest task will be integrating our new colleagues into the existing plant team and qualifying them for their work at Porsche.” The staff build-out will continue up through 2014 – then the new Macan will hit the road.

Porsche employs a staff of 1,150 in Leipzig at present – with the production of the Macan, the workforce will be more than doubled. More information on the Porsche plant extension and the jobs being advertised are available online at: www.porsche-leipzig.com.

Dividend to increase to 2.010 euro per preference share

Stuttgart, 13 March 2013. The executive board and the supervisory board of Porsche Automobil Holding SE (Porsche SE), Stuttgart, do propose to the annual general meeting in Leipzig on 30 April 2013 to increase the dividend to 2.010 euro per preference share (prior year: 0.760 euro) and to 2.004 euro per ordinary share (prior year: 0.754 euro). A total of around 614,643,750 euro of Porsche SE’s net profit available for distribution in the fiscal year 2012 of 744,180,474 euro is to be distributed.

Porsche SE reported profit after tax of 7.829 billion euro for the fiscal year 2012 (prior year: 0.059 billion euro). This profit is decisively influenced by the contribution of the holding business operations of Porsche SE to Volkswagen AG, from which the company received a cash inflow of 4.49 billion euro. Following repayment of all liabilities to banks, the net liquidity of Porsche SE as of 31 December 2012 was 2.562 billion euro (prior year: minus 1.520 billion euro).

Porsche SE expects a profit in the low single digit billion euro range for the fiscal year 2013.