Offizielle, internationale Pressekonferenz des Life Ball und EnthŸllung des Life Ball MINI 2013 im Hotel Imperial in Wien am 25.05.2013

Σήμερα στη Βιέννη έλαβε χώρα το φετινό Life Ball όπου το ειδικό MINI Paceman του Roberto Cavalli πουλήθηκε έναντι 150.000 ευρώ, με όλα τα χρήματα να πηγαίνουν για την καταπολέμηση και πρόληψη των HIV και AIDS.

Το αυτοκίνητο παρουσιάστηκε επίσημα χθες στο μεγαλύτερο ετήσιο φιλανθρωπικό γεγονός που διοργανώνεται για το AIDS. Το Life Ball συνδυάζει τη Βιεννέζικη χορευτική κουλτούρα, μία εντυπωσιακή τελετή έναρξης και μία ισχυρή επίδειξη κοινωνικής δέσμευσης. Στο πλαίσιο της εκδήλωσης, κάθε χρόνο ένα ΜΙΝΙ μοναδικής σχεδίασης βγαίνει σε δημοπρασία, τα έσοδα της οποίας διατίθενται σε project

Τα τελευταία χρόνια, έχουν συγκεντρωθεί συνολικά πάνω από μισό εκατομμύριο Ευρώ. Σύμφωνα με την παράδοση, το MINI ανατίθεται στα δημιουργικά χέρια ενός διεθνούς φήμης σχεδιαστή, ο οποίος διοργανώνει και την Επίδειξη Μόδας του Life Ball.

Φέτος, είναι η σειρά του Roberto Cavalli να αναδείξει το φιλανθρωπικό γεγονός. Το Paceman του Cavalli είναι βαμμένο σε ιριδίζον καφέ-μαύρο χρώμα το οποιο ανάλογα με το πως το χτυπά ο ήλιος, με το one-off Paceman να διαθέτει στην οροφή του και το λογότυπο του οίκου Cavalli.

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The MINI designed by Roberto Cavalli achieves the biggest sum ever on behalf of AIDS LIFE at the 21st Life Ball in Vienna. Roberto Cavalli himself steers the Life Ball MINI 2013 along the Magenta Carpet.

Munich/Vienna. Watched by tens of thousands of spectators, the Life Ball MINI 2013 by Roberto Cavalli last Saturday marked its first public appearance on the Life Ball’s Magenta Carpet. With Roberto Cavalli behind the wheel and wife Eva Cavalli in the passenger seat, the Life Ball MINI 2013 formed the crowning conclusion to the costume parade that preceded the start of the show on Vienna’s City Hall Square. The Italian designer rendered the youngest and seventh model in the MINI family in his highly distinctive style – gold elements inside and out, iridescent paintwork that shimmers from black to brown depending on the angle of light and the use of his hallmark animal prints make this MINI Paceman an unmistakably authentic Cavalli creation. A few hours before its premiere, the one-of-a-kind MINI was auctioned for a record 150,000 euros during the AIDS Solidarity gala. The entire proceeds will go to projects helping to combat HIV/AIDS.

Creative car design for AIDS LIFE since 2001.

Since the beginning of the partnership in 2001, 13 unique MINI models have been created, with auction proceeds of more than half a million Euros flowing into projects dedicated to the battle against AIDS. Besides Roberto Cavalli, a whole line-up of iconic international designers have styled a MINI for this good cause, among them Dean and Dan Caten of DSQUARED², Renzo Rosso for Diesel and Donatella Versace.

Ralf Schepull, Head of MINI Brand Communications, was delighted at the sum achieved by this year’s Life Ball MINI: “We are very pleased that the one-off MINI has sold for a record price and can thus make a special contribution to projects dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS. The charity principle is an important part of the MINI brand, which enjoys a unique platform through this partnership with the Life Ball.”

Under its motto “1001 Nights”, this year’s Life Ball once again brought together numerous celebrities, including Sir Elton John, Hilary Swank, Melanie Griffith, Barbara Eden (“I Dream of Jeannie”), Carmen Electra, Bill Clinton, Anna Netrebko, Erwin Schrott and Fergie, to raise global awareness of the HI virus and its consequences.

Life Ball 2013.

AIDS was recognized as a clinical disease on 1 December 1981. Since then, major advances have been made in research as well as prevention. Nonetheless, HIV remains a significant challenge to health and development policies. Each year sees millions of people infected with the HI virus. The Life Ball has made it its mission to raise awareness of this and to campaign for tolerance, education and solidarity.

The social commitment of the BMW Group.

One of the first companies in South Africa to do so, the BMW Group has been involved since 2000 with its own workplace program to counter HIV/Aids at its Rosslyn location. Educational and advisory work is complemented by voluntary HIV tests, treatment programs and psychological support.

The design of the Life Ball MINI 2013 by Roberto Cavalli.

A first glimpse of the Life Ball MINI 2013 unquestionably reveals the distinctive style of the famous fashion designer. Cavalli upgraded the exterior of the MINI Paceman – the youngest and seventh member of the MINI family – with an exclusive colour that has already featured in his own fleet of cars: a special iridescent paint that shimmers between black and brown depending on the incidence of light. This flamboyant paintwork accentuates the clear lines of the first Sports Activity Coupé by MINI and turns it into a very special one-off. The expressive Cavalli logo on the roof of the car along with his signature on the wide coupé door leave no doubt as to the designer who has left his unmistakable imprint on the car. The logo can also be found on the inside, where the headrests and sun visors feature the stylish motif. The interior design of the

MINI Paceman is swathed in black, with individual gilded elements – such as the decorative stitching on the leather seats and the MINI Center Speedo surround – lending it an extravagant look. This is further reinforced by the hallmark Cavalli animal prints on the leather-lined steering wheel and parts of the instruments.