K-Tec Racing Renaultsport Twingo 163 (1)

Η K-Tec Racing, δυνάμωσε ακόμη ένα μοντέλο της Renault, το Twingo RS. Έτσι ο 1.600αρης ατμοσφαιρικός κινητήρας του αποδίδει πλέον 165 άλογα (121 kW) με 192 Nm ροπής. Η αύξηση ιπποδύναμης κατά 32 άλογα και 32 Nm ροπής προήλθε από τη νέα εξάτμιση, τους νέους εκκεντροφόρους και την επαναπρογραμματισμένη ECU. Το πακέτο κοστίζει £2.625 (€3.035) και συνοδεύεται από 12-μηνη γραπτή εγγύηση.

K-Tec Racing Renaultsport Twingo 163 (2)

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  • UK based Renault tuner adds a feisty 32 bhp to smallest Renaultsport model
  • 22 lb.ft hike in mid-range torque makes Twingo 133 easier and quicker to drive

Verwood, Dorset, 29th July 2013

Responding to road test observations that the Twingo 133’s excellent chassis could benefit from more power, Dorset based Renaultsport tuning specialist K-Tec Racing has created a performance tuning package that really lets the 1050 kilo warm hatch punch above its weight. It increases peak power to over 160 bhp, thus meeting the needs of the fast road and trackday enthusiast driver market.

The results of months of development work by K-Tec’s engineers on the firm’s in-house dyno, the ‘163’ conversion unleashes the extra power from the Twingo’s 133 bhp by combining exclusive upgrades that deliver extra power from the 16-valve, 1.6-litre VVT K4M motor right across the operating range, whilst retaining the addictive, free-revving nature of the standard engine.

By combining a high performance tubular exhaust manifold and system, Cat Cams Stage 1 cams and a well developed ECU remap, the end results are impressive. Back to back dyno testing has proven that peak power increases from stock 131 bhp at 6500 rpm to 163 bhp at just over 7000 rpm, making the ‘163’ keen and responsive at high revs. However, the quality of K-Tec Racing’s work on the Twingo’s K4M engine is apparent because power gains start from just 3250 rpm, with over 20 bhp extra available at just 4250 rpm, highlighting the flexibility of the conversion.

The Twingo’s torque output is similarly transformed. The standard 133 produces 120 lb.ft (160 Nm) at 3500 rpm, but the K-Tec ‘163’ package offers a much broader spread of performance across the rev range, with over 18 lb.ft extra at just 3750 rpm, culminating in a peak figure of 142 lb.ft (192 Nm) at 4250 rpm. This means that the ‘163’ converted Twingo offers greatly improved response at low to medium engine speeds, making the car both quicker and easier to drive.

No performance road testing figures are yet available, but the K-Tec Racing 163 equipped Twingo looks set to better the standard 133’s 8.7 seconds 0-60mph dash and 125 mph maximum speed.

K-Tec Racing ‘163’ Upgrade Package Technical Details

A key factor in the performance of the ‘163’ conversion is K-Tec’s exclusively designed tubular exhaust manifold and sports exhaust system. Analysis of the OEM Twingo exhaust manifold revealed numerous restrictions, so K-Tec Racing replaces this with a tubular 4 into 1 item using 1.5-inch diameter pipework. This feeds into a 2.5-inch sports exhaust system, complete with a 3.5-inch slash cut tailpipe, designed to sit in the standard Twingo 133 bumper aperture.

Exclusively produced for K-Tec Racing, both the exhaust manifold and system are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and feature a lifetime warranty. Great emphasis has been placed on producing a low resonance exhaust system with a subtly enhanced tone without causing occupant discomfort. Indeed, noise meter testing has confirmed that the K-Tec Racing ‘163’ Twingo exhaust system produces just 84 Db at 4500 rpm, meaning it’s well under the 95 Db limit demanded by the most rigourous trackday scrutineer.

Clever design by K-Tec Racing means that the Twingo ‘163’s’ exhaust manifold and system are ‘modular’ in design and can be installed in stages, should customers wish. A 200 cells per square inch sports catalyst is also available as an optional extra.

The second major component used in K-Tec Racing’s Twingo ‘163’ package is a pair of ‘Stage One’ Cat Cams profiles. Developed in conjunction with the Belgian performance valvetrain specialist, they are CNC machined from top quality steel billets and are a direct swap for the original Renault K4M items.

The ‘Stage One’ cams deliver significant increases in lift and outright duration compared to the original items, with careful design by Cat Cams ensuring that these profiles deliver noticeable power gains whilst retaining a factory style tickover.

The final, crucial addition to the K-Tec Racing Twingo ‘163’ package is an ECU remap, which enhances fuelling, ignition and throttle calibrations to suit the new mechanical specification.

K-Tec Racing Renaultsport Twingo ‘163’ Package Pricing

On a ‘drive in, drive out’ basis, the complete K-Tec Racing Renaultsport Twingo ‘163’ upgrade package is priced at £2625.60 including parts, ECU mapping and labour and is covered by a 12 month warranty. It’s on sale now, suitable for any Renaultsport Twingo 133 model from 2008 onwards.

K-Tec Racing also offers Twingo 133 owners the opportunity to spread the cost by splitting the ‘163’ upgrade package. For example the full ‘163’ exhaust system and manifold can be supplied and fitted for £1186.80 including parts, labour and VAT, while the Cat Cams supplied and fitted with a new cambelt and ECU mapping is priced at £1438.80, including parts and labour.

All quoted prices include VAT.