Bugatti Veyron Vivere by Mansory (1)

Η Mansory κάτι έπαθε. Δεν εξηγείται αλλιώς. Μετά την όμορφη Rolls-Royce Waith, στη Γενεύη αύριο θα παρουσιάσει και μια όμορφα βελτιωμένη Bugatti Veyron. Την ονομάζει Vivere και διαθέτει νέο μπροστά προφυλακτήρα, νέο καπό και νέες πλαϊνές ποδιές. Επίσης φορά διαφορετικές εισαγωγές αέρα στο πλάι, νέα LED φώτα ημέρας, νέο διαχύτη και νέες ζάντες.

Στο εσωτερικό οι Ελβετοί τοποθέτησαν LED κρυφό φωτισμό, δερμάτινο τιμόνι και carbon διακοσμητικά.

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World premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show: MANSORY VIVERE – a strictly limited edition Bugatti Veyron masterpiece 

MANSORY are adding to their modified Bugatti Veyron 16.4 range with the VIVERE. After the exclusive luxury car specialist’s presentation of the VINCERO in March 2009, MANSORY dazzle once more with their artistry as a car modifier, and they have transformed the Bugatti Veyron into the strictly limited MANSORY VIVERE with a number of targeted touches.

Compared to its predecessor the VINCERO, the VIVERE has received a comprehensive facelift at the front, consisting of modified wings, a shortened bonnet and a striking front apron. The integrated LED daytime running lights in the front section create a particular accent, and the stylised “V” used pays hommage to the name VIVERE. The newly developed side skirts act as a visual and aerodynamic link between the two axles. Larger air outlets on the flanks of the vehicle and at the rear give optimised motor cooling, and together with the new diffuser and the two air intakes, they underline the transition from roof to bonnet on this powerful car design. MANSORY manufacture almost all the bodywork components from ultra light, highly strong carbon fibre. The hardening process employed, under high pressure and temperature in the autoclave radically improves the material quality.

Further refinements complete the VIVERE: Striking alloy wheels with a five double-spoke design harmonise perfectly with the production tyres, both visually and technically. The interior is exclusive yet functional. MANSORY know just how to combine luxury and engineering with the demands of an exclusive limited edition vehicle, in a harmonious way. Traditional craftsmanship, hand-picked materials and a confident design come together and create a car interior in a class all of its own. In this regard, the LED’s of the ambient lighting system in the seats, door furniture and the instrument panel catch the eye above all. The whole passenger compartment glows in the light from the courtesy lights, setting the high quality carbon fibre applications and the skillfully quilted black and white leather off beautifully. The new, ergonomically designed airbag steering wheel looks sporty with great grip.