2014 Buick LaCrosse with Ultra Luxury Interior Package 1

Η Buick μας παρουσιάζει το Ultra Luxury Interior Package της για την 2014 LaCrosse.

Το πακέτο, είναι σχεδιασμένο για τους αγοραστές που δίνουν βάρος στο στυλ και την πολυτέλεια. Έχει semi-aniline δερμάτινη ταπετσαρία, βαμμένη σε ένα σκούρο μπορντό χρώμα, ουρανό από συνθετικό suede και διακοσμητικά από αυθεντικό ξύλο. Σύμφωνα με τον σχεδιαστή της Buick, VenLai:

Το Ultra Luxury Interior, χτίζει πάνω στην επιτυχία και την αυξημένη ζήτηση για περιβάλλοντα πολυτελείας και προσωπικής έκφρασης. Κάθε λεπτομέρεια μετράει: Από το σχέδιο, την υφή και το χρώμα του δέρματος έως και το φυσικό ξύλο, το μέταλλο και τις ραφές, αυτό το εσωτερικό κινείται πέρα από τις συμβάσεις.

2014 Buick LaCrosse with Ultra Luxury Interior Package 2

Για την ιστορία, να αναφέρουμε πως το πακέτο κοστίζει 2.495 δολάρια.

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New LaCrosse Ultra Luxury Interior Drives Fashion Forward

Exclusive sangria and ebony premium interior sets an automotive trend

DETROIT – Design statements with staying power are key in the automotive landscape, and Buick’s global network of designers make them by continuously monitoring and interpreting trends in high-end fashion, furnishings, architecture and product design.

An example is the 2014 LaCrosse and its unique Ultra Luxury Interior Package.

LaCrosse is the only sedan in its class with the combination of sangria and ebony colors – a color palette seen across multiple luxury-goods industries. The exclusive Ultra Luxury Interior features front and rear seating upholstered in a rich, soft semi-aniline leather, dyed a deep sangria color. The premium leather flows over the console and door armrests, complemented by ebony-colored accents like the sueded headliner and door pillars.

“Oscillating and reverberating pink-hued purples, like Buick’s sangria, were first identified by WGSN two years ago as a key shade for our Rendering Reality macro trend,” said Fiona Coleman, Global Head of Color at WGSN Fashion Trend Forecasting & Analytics. “It’s an intense, yet calming color perfectly suited for interiors, especially where a play on light, space and surface gives the feeling of movement. We’ve seen this color combination gather traction since Pantone® announced Radiant Orchid as its Color of the Year for 2014.”

The LaCrosse Ultra Luxury Interior features authentic Shadow Tamo Ash wood trim on the doors, dash, and center console. Often used in musical instruments, the deeply grained Tamo Ash is a high-grade species that offers movement and contrast through its dark veins. It varies widely in appearance, so no two Ultra Luxury Interiors are alike.

“With this exclusive combination of premium materials and color execution, we are extending Buick’s distinction in interior design,” said Ven Lai, Buick lead creative designer for color and trim.

“The Ultra Luxury Interior builds on the success and increasing demand for environments that evoke luxury and personal expression. Every detail matters: From the grade, pattern, texture and color of the leather to the layering of natural wood, metal and stitching, this interior moves beyond convention,” said Lai. “This application is tailored specifically to the LaCrosse and its customers, but we’re exploring all avenues for where it could take Buick.”

The Ultra Luxury Interior Package is available now on the 2014 LaCrosse Leather (1SL), Premium (1SP) and Premium ll (1SR) models equipped with the 3.6L V-6 engine.