McLaren MP4 12C Velocita Wind Edition by DMC (1)

Η DMC βελτιώνει περαιτέρω την με την McLaren MP4 12C Velocita και μας παρουσιάζει την McLaren MP4 12C Velocita Wind Edition. Το αυτοκίνητο που βλέπουμε στις φωτογραφίες είναι ιδιοκτησίας ενός Σαουδάραβα με την DMC να έχει ετοιμάσει νέο bodykit εξ’ολοκλήρου κατασκευασμένο από carbon.

McLaren MP4 12C Velocita Wind Edition by DMC (2)

Αποτελείται από νέο μπροστά προφυλακτήρα με spoiler, επανασχεδιασμένη γρίλια, νέο πίσω διαχύτη, πλευρικά πτερύγια και νέα πίσω αεροτομή.Φορά νέες σφυρήλατες ζάντες 21″ και νέα εξάτμιση τιτανίου. Στο εσωτερικό υπάρχουν νέες δερμάτινες/Alcantara επενδύσεις με την εταιρία να μπορεί να τοποθετήσει επίσης carbon ή ξύλινα διακοσμητικά.

McLaren MP4 12C Velocita Wind Edition by DMC (3)

Σε ότι αφορά το μηχανικό μέρος, η εταιρία βελτιώνει τον V8 3,8-λίτρων twin-turbo κινητήρα, ο οποίος από 592 άλογα αποδίδει 660 άλογα με 680 Nm ροπής.

McLaren MP4 12C Velocita Wind Edition by DMC (4)

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McLaren MP4 12C “Velocita – Wind Edition” by DMC

“To make good things better” is DMC’s mission statement. Over the past few years, their work seemed to incarnate passion for italian sports cars. Projects like the DMC Aventador (Molto Veloce, Edizione-GT, SV) the DMC F12 Berlinetta (SPIA) and others were paving the way to exotic italian modification. They rarely touch a British car – but when they do, it usually makes quite an appearance. The DMC MP4 12C “Velocita” was recently spotted in Cannes, showcasing the refiner’s new “Wind Edition”. The Saudi owner flew the car to the beautiful french riviera, we hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do:

DMC’s engineers created a styling and performance package that consists only of the finest and most exclusive materials: Light-weight Carbon Fiber on the body kit, Titanium on the exhaust system, and exclusive Italian Leather on the interior. This is super car tuning at it’s finest.

The front bumper received a front lip, center sword and aggressive F1 carnards. The newly added side skirts support road stability by supporting the pressure between the axles. The rear of the car features a rear diffuser that showcases a revised tunnel set-up by adding 2 fins. The standard rear spoiler as been replaced with a light weight base.

The most fierce feature of the car however, may be the rear wing. Together with the aero scoop on the car’s roof, it creates an aura of perfection, that you have to see live in order to understand it. It features a ground braking new surface design, which not only brakes the wind, but also continues to support on the aerodynamics: The scoop is able to direct the wind flow to the rear wing.

DMC has recently created an ECU performance package as well, which improves the power from 592 HP (442 ft.lbs) to 660 HP (502 ft.lbs). The interior will be designed according to each client’s individual wish, to make each car unique. Above owner chose to replace all leather panels with a prominent red tone. There are no limits when it comes to customising the driver cabin with Carbon, Wood, Leather or Alcantara – DMC is fulfilling all requirements from its exclusive clients world wide.

About DMC:

DMC is currently leading the race for high-tech quality carbon fiber production on an industrial level. The company’s German founders have been actively involved in tuning Ferraris and Lamborghinis for many years before deciding to start DMC. Nowadays, the company’s focus is on the refinement of luxury automobiles by creating dynamically enhanced body kits & car interiors. A strong focus on carbon fiber and special leathers like Ostrich define the tuner’s design character. We welcome you to visit to learn more about our line of carbon fiber designs for Lamborghini and Ferrari automobiles.