Porsche 911 Turbo S by MM-performance

Η νέα δημιουργία της ολλανδικής MM-Performance είναι αυτή η μαύρη ματ Porsche 911 Turbo S. Μηχανικά ο κινητήρας έχει αναβαθμιστεί και αποδίδει πλέον 650 άλογα με 800 Nm ροπής, με τα 0-100 χλμ/ώρα να τα κάνει σε μόλις 2,6 δευτερόλεπτα. Η εταιρία έχει τοποθετήσει σπορ εξάτμιση με βαλβίδες, ελεύθερο φίλτρο αέρα, ζάντες 20″ και φυσικά έχει επεναπρογραμματίσει την ECU.

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Porsche 911 Turbo S [991] Tuned & Powered By MM-Performance.pl

Porsche 911 Turbo S [991] Tuned & Powered By MM-Performance.pl . The latest version of the strongest varieties of the 911 Turbo – 991 S came to us straight from the showroom after numerous modifications. Main direction of this project – the power and sound. In the first place we took all the elements of the exhaust system that simultaneously constituted the basis for the impressive increase the power in this unique the car. A pair of exhaust manifolds for really mediocre presentable and above all poor flue gas throughput replaced their sports variant which besides increasing the capacity added some horses and compounded aspects of sound – a product of GMG Racing. Another element of the former factory catalysts, these replaced the 200-cell [serial = 800 DESTINATION] company Cargraphic sports catalysts. Part of the final exhaust was very restrictive muffler which gave way to the sports silencer from the company TechArt additionally equipped with a control system valves / dampers – allowing the driver to select audio tone between “silent” and really loud depending on your needs.

Naturally, in order to execute the project objectives vehicle received a complete cold air intake system for maximized throughput. Serial, replaced the paper air filter insert BMC sports. The filter is made ​​of steel-reinforced cotton thread. In addition, factory, plastic head “Y-Pipe” separating the air flow has been swapped for an aluminum version with a diameter of 74mm IPD company. Increasing the flow of cold air to the drive unit. The whole mechanical modification coordinates the intelligent engine management system company TechArt [Techtronic]. This unit in regulating both engine power and controls the operation of the exhaust system. Vehicle running in normal mode 911 Turbo S generates power factory at 560KM and 700Nm, while after pressing the “Sport” or “Sport Plus” Turbo S starts louder mode exhaust system and generates 650km and 850 [+ 90 PS and 150 Nm +] at in conjunction with the incredibly intelligent power distribution to all four wheels and an unladen weight of the vehicle generates an acceleration from 0 to 100Km / h in 2.6 seconds! Visually, the vehicle was covered with matt black foil car. World darkened rear. Photo, 20-inch alloy wylakierowaliśmy color gloss black powder method, and the emblem of the back cover we have covered in black paint, mega glossy sheen. In the vehicle interior accents aesthetic steering wheel and shifters with silver color we changed to black gloss!


– The exhaust manifolds Sports [GMG Racing]
– Sports Catalysts [Cargraphic]
– Sports Exhaust system with valve system [TechArt]
– Sport Air Filter [BMC]
– Sports head air intake [IPD]
– Electronic Module Increasing Engine Power [TechArt]
– Shrink-wrapped Vehicle (Black Matte) [MM-Performance.pl]
– Handlebar + Grips (Black Gloss) [MM-Performance.pl]
– Rims (Black Gloss) [MM-Performance.pl]
– Caps Central / caps are [TechArt]
– Marking Back Of Vehicle (Black Gloss) [MM-Performance.pl]

All parts used in the project are available in permanent offer MM-Performance.pl

Client wish width and satisfaction!

Video [SoundFile] Exhaust By MM-Performance.pl

We invite owners of the Porsche 911 Turbo S [991 Coupe & Convertible] who want to give their bolidom amazing sound, power, and look for cooperation!

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Photo Session: Kacper Szczepanski – Automotive Photography

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