Ford EcoSport facelift at 2015 Geneva Motor Show (1)

Η Ford στη Γενεύη παρουσιάζει το ανανεωμένο EcoSport στο οποίο ξεχωρίζει η απουσία της πίσω ρεζέρβας. Διαθέσιμο από τον Ιούνιο, το μικρό crossover έχει αποκτήσει νέο μπλε εξωτερικό χρώμα, νέες ζάντες 17″, μαύρη οροφή και μαύρους πλαϊνούς καθρέπτες, και φιμέ παράθυρα.

Ford EcoSport facelift at 2015 Geneva Motor Show (2)

Στο εσωτερικό προσφέρει λιγότερους τριγμούς, θορύβους και καλύτερη ηχομόνωση, νέα οθόνη 4″ με σύστημα πλοήγησης και κάμερα οπισθοπορείας, νέο χειρόφρενο και πλουσιότερο εξοπλισμό. Η πίσω ρεζέρβα υπάρχει στον πρόσθετο εξοπλισμό με την Ford να επαναρυθμίζει την πίσω ανάρτηση, μειώνοντας και το ύψος της κατά 10 mm. Το ανανεωμένο Ecosport διαθέτει επίσης βελτιστοποιημένο ESP και υδραυλικό σύστημα διεύθυνσης. Όλοι οι κινητήρες του πληρούν τα πρότυπα του Euro 6.1, με τον diesel κινητήρα να έχει δυναμώσει κατά 5 άλογα.

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  • Ford today announced it will deliver significant styling, drive dynamics, and equipment upgrades for the EcoSport SUV
  • EcoSport will for the first time be made available without a rear-mounted spare wheel; interior benefits from subtle, stylish upgrades, including a restyled instrument cluster
  • Ride and handling enhanced with reduced ride height, suspension retuning and revised rear twist beam; optimised Electronic Stability Control and power steering systems
  • More refined EcoSport offers improved convenience and comfort with heated windscreen, heated mirrors, heated front seats; thicker sound deadening materials
  • At the Geneva Motor Show this week, Ford displayed a sporty EcoSport S, which includes the upgrades to EcoSport that will be available to customers starting in June
  • EcoSport S is presented in Deep Impact Blue with black roof and mirror caps and unique 17-inch alloy wheels; extends Ford’s SUV line-up alongside Kuga and forthcoming Edge

BRENTWOOD, Essex, March 4, 2015 – Ford at Geneva today announced it will deliver a range of styling, drive dynamics and equipment enhancements for the practical and affordable EcoSport.

Customers will for the first time be able to order the compact SUV without a rear-mounted spare wheel. Subtle and stylish interior improvements include a restyled instrument cluster with chrome surround, light dimming function, and chrome tips for window switches.

EcoSport driving dynamics benefit from suspension retuning with revised rear twist beam, and revised spring and damper rates for chassis optimisation, a 10mm reduction in ride height and optimised Electronic Stability Control and power steering systems. Convenience and comfort is also enhanced with a Winter Pack – with heated windscreen, heated mirrors and heated front seats.

Ford’s SUV line-up in Europe already includes the mid-sized Kuga, and will be extended to include the Edge SUV, which goes into production for Europe at the end of 2015. Ford has registered more than 4,000 EcoSports in the UK since its launch last April. The new upgrades will be available to order from June.

“Ford EcoSport is already popular with customers in Europe who are looking for a flexible, stylish, and economical compact SUV,” said Joe Bakaj, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe. “This range of enhancements – including an EcoSport that is now available without the rear-mounted wheel – makes EcoSport an even more compelling choice as part of our growing SUV range.”

For vehicles without the spare wheel, the rear swing-gate on EcoSport hasalso been revised to allow for easier partial opening where space is limited, and all models now feature an EcoSport badge. Inside, the handbrake lever positioning has been optimised for accessibility. Noise, vibration and harshness levels have also been reduced with thicker sound deadening materials in the doors and dashboard, as well as tighter seals around the pedals.

Equipment that will later this year be made available with EcoSport for the first time includes satnav technology and Rear View Camera.

EcoSport S

Making its debut at Geneva, the sporty EcoSport S delivers an insight into the upgrades and equipment for a model that will be available to order towards the end of this year.

The model displayed is the first EcoSport with distinctive exterior colour Deep Impact Blue. This is complemented by a black roof without roof rails, mirror caps and unique 17-inch alloy wheels. Further exterior upgrades will include a sporty rear diffuser element and privacy glass.

The full list of EcoSport enhancements includes:

  • Spare wheel optional, with a tyre mobility kit in place of the spare as the standard offering
  • Colour 4-inch display
  • Charcoal black lower instrument panel, centre console and door boards
  • Partial leather seats standard for Titanium models
  • Significant Noise, Vibration and Harshness reworking via enhanced sound package
  • Significant dynamics upgrade – with revisions to springs, dampers, spring aids, steering gear, rear axle twist beam, Electronic Stability Programme settings and steering assistance profiles
  • Reduced gearbox torque truncation in lower gears provides more available torque for both EcoBoost and TDCi diesel
  • Instruments can be dimmed, have chrome-surround rings, window-lifter switches have chrome tabs
  • Heated windscreen, heated mirrors, and heated seats available as a combined “Winter Pack” which also adds rear seat ducting at floor level to improve comfort in the rear seat in cold conditions
  • Privacy glass optional
  • The handbrake is relocated to improve accessibility
  • Powertrains are upgraded to EU6.1 emission standard, with the diesel gaining 5PS