MINI Cooper S Jermyn (1)

Η MINI παρουσιάζει μια ειδική έκδοση του Cooper S για την Ιαπωνία. Το MINI Cooper S Jermyn παίρνει το όνομα του από την Jermyn Street της περιοχής Mayfair στο Λονδίνο και είναι βαμμένο στο μπλε μεταλλικό χρώμα Lapis Luxury Blue, φορώντας ζάντες 18″.

Στο εσωτερικό υπάρχουν μοναδικά δερμάτινα καθίσματα, nappa δερμάτινο τιμόνι, θερμαινόμενα μπροστά καθίσματα και νέα διακοσμητικά. Η έκδοση θα είναι διαθέσιμη τόσο σε τρίπορτη όσο και σε πεντάπορτη έκδοση, με την παραγωγή της να περιορίζεται στις 180 μονάδες.

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Announces Limited car MINI JERMYN

is used to luxury the carefully selected material, dedicated equipment and finished with a insistence to detail with high craftsmanship.

British bespoke as a special one that is reminiscent of the (tailor-made), LED projector emblem of which can design customized.

Japan limited 180 units.

Bee M. W. Co., Ltd. (President: Peter Klong main dish over Bull) is, MINI 3 Door (three-door) and MINI 5 Door (five door) to the base, modern British of the design with the MINI and it was finished with materials such as leather and wood grain Unusual luxury limited car “MINI Jermyn (Jermyn)”, from today, in Japan 180 vehicles limited, to start selling in the country of MINI regular dealer.

Limited car MINI Jermyn is derived from as Jermyn Street in the Mayfair district of London is the origin of the MINI. Here, as has been said that all of the grooming of the English gentleman are aligned, well-established store and well-established that inherits the London fashion of tradition, are equipped with high-end select items.

Limited car MINI Jermyn is a model with a special equipment reminiscent of the British bespoke (tailor-made), it has become and craftsmanship, such as the tailoring of clothes, and styling Unusual insistence. In the exterior design, the exterior color of the special color of lapis Luxury Blue is a deep 18-inch alloy wheels with a large diameter, which is inspired by the watch of the mechanical chronograph, sophisticated overwhelm the viewer I’m exudes the appearance was. In interior design, everywhere in the United Kingdom of extremely fine and leather seats which adopted the motif of the Union Jack is a symbol, modern finish that was coined in the sophisticated manufacturing process, while luxury with a rich texture of the wood grain by the panel, it has created a space full of comfort and luxury.

For MINI Jermyn dedicated Equipment

Body color Lapis Luxury Blue

“BLUE OF KINGS” Deep Blue “Ultramarine” is based with both origin referred to semi-precious stones lapis lazuli. Employs a special pigment body color, the most deep in the body color of the MINI being finished through a special process blue.

18 inches alloy wheels Vanity-spoke two-tone

sharp contours created by the contrast of the two-tone by special color Spectra-gray and aluminum of gloss, the elaborate and sporty design of this wheel, which is inspired by the chronograph of the mechanical watch build attract. Large-diameter 18 inches of wheel with a strong presence have vertical attract exclusive appearance.

Leather Lounge sheet

in soft texture of high-quality skin like silk, the sheet that was edged with piping that has been subjected to a delicate pattern. Button the image of cufflinks in the shoulder line, engraved emblem, also to the headrest rear design motif of the British Union Jack is decorated, it is finished with a insistence to detail.

Sports leather steering

in very fine and soft nappa leather, dark aluminum color of the hand-sewn stitch shine contrast is applied. The spokes, black Union Jack high-gloss piano black emblem has entered is being used.

Interior surface dark cottonwood

using carefully selected this grain in luxury, and comfort full of warmth, horizontal grain that has been made ??through a special process to carefully machining, has created a modern design.

MINI Jermyn equipment contents

Dedicated body color Lapis Luxury Blue

Only 18 inches alloy wheels Vanity-spoke two-tone

Dedicated Leather Lounge seat carbon black

Dedicated interior surface Dark Cottonwood

Dedicated sports leather steering wheel

Dedicated LED door Projector

Chrome Line Exterior

Chrome Line Interior

Color Line Satellite Grey

Seat heater

Multifunction steering

Sports automatic transmission (with paddle shift)

Cruise control

MINI Driving mode

MINI excitement package

Rain sensor (with automatic driving lights)

Light package

Storage compartment package