Ο γερμανικός βελτιωτικός οίκος Edo Competition έπιασε την ισχυρότερη V8 G-Class, και τις έκανες μικρές αλλά άκρως ουσιώδεις επεμβάσεις. Καταρχήν σκέφτηκε ότι για να μπορεί να επιβραδύνει το 2,5 τόνων θηρίο χρειάζεται και τα κατάλληλα φρένα, και έτσι τοποθέτησε κεραμικούς δίσκους και νέες δαγκάνες. Πιο συγκεκριμένα οι εμπρός δίσκοι έχουν διάμετρο 398 χλστ. με εξαπίστονες δαγκάνες, ενώ οι αντίστοιχοι του πίσω άξονα έχουν διάμετρο 380 χλστ., με επίσης  εξαπίστονες δαγκάνες.


Όμως, προχώρησε και στην μηχανική βελτίωση του twin-turbo V8 κινητήρα της G63 AMG, και από τα 544 εργοστασιακά άλογα και 760 Nm ροπής, τον έκανε να αποδίδει 600 άλογα και 900 Nm ροπή, ενώ τοποθέτησε και μια νέα εξάτμιση με βαλβίδες.

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The figures: 660 PS, 398 mm, 90-110 dB

…. a real power pack from edo competition.

edo competition has developed a performance kit especially for the Mercedes G63 AMG that is really impressive. It consists of a newly developed sports exhaust system, sports catalysts, V Max override and optimised electronic tuning. Resulting in an astonishing performance enhancement from the standard 544 PS / 400 kW to 600 PS / 485 kW. The maximum torque rises parallel to this from 760 Nm to 900 Nm. All modifications are thoroughly checked on a dynamometer at edo competition. As a result, the actual performance achieved is accurately documented using performance measurement.

The sports exhaust system with valve control is just as impressive as it sounds. It is in fact a back pressure monitored sports exhaust system. The supplied control system can be programmed and the attached 70 mm exhaust valves open up once the set or programmed back pressure is reached. This sports exhaust system is made completely from stainless steel and the chrome-plated double tailpipes really show off the expressive design to the full. The performance enhancing sports catalysts not only raise the performance but also improve the sound.

The highly effective ceramic sports brake system with internally ventilated and perforated brake discs is really magnificent. With 398 millimetres at the front and 380 millimetres at the back and six piston monobloc fixed callipers and sports brake pads as well as a Stahlflex brake line set, this brake system impresses thanks to its outstanding deceleration values. The G63 AMG is brought to a halt reliably and safely. Its long life, improved mechanical and thermal properties as well as impressive performance make this sports brake system unbeatable.

The interior should not be neglected for the final touch in terms of looks. Various carbon applications have been used in the interior to ensure the aesthetic qualities are perfect. Leather or fabric can be combined with precious woods, the finest lacquer, high quality metals and sporty carbon to meet the customer’s specific preferences. Be it steering wheels, fittings and gear shifting gates, pedals or seats and complete packages, the possibilities for customising a car are practically endless.

All modifications are carried out exclusively at edo competition Motorsport GmbH in Ahlen.