Σε καθημερινό επίπεδο οι ανακλήσεις, με τη Hyundai Αμερικής να ανακοινώνει ότι 34.200 Santa Fe Sport με ημερομηνίες παραγωγής από 1 Σεπτεμβρίου του 2015 μέχρι την 12 Φεβρουαρίου του 2016 θα πρέπει να πάνε στις τοπικές αντιπροσωπείες εξαιτίας ενός προβλήματος στο μηχανισμό ρύθμισης ύψους των εμπρός καθισμάτων, ο οποίος μπορεί να προκαλέσει ζημιά στην καλωδίωση που ελέγχει την προειδοποίηση των ζωνών ασφαλείας.

Αυτό σημαίνει ότι οι επιβάτες μπορεί να μην ειδοποιηθούν ηχητικά να δέσουν τις ζώνες τους, με τη λύση να έρχεται μέσω της νέας “πορείας” των καλωδίων.

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RECALL Subject : Absence of Front Seat Belt Audible Warning
Report Receipt Date: MAR 10, 2016
NHTSA Campaign Number: 16V145000
Component(s): SEAT BELTS
Potential Number of Units Affected: 34,200 All Products Associated with this Recall
Vehicle Make Model Model Year(s)
Manufacturer: Hyundai Motor AmericaSUMMARY:
Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) is recalling certain model year 2016-2017 Santa Fe vehicles manufactured September 1, 2015 to February 12, 2016. In the affected vehicles, the wires in the front seat belt buckle harnesses may be damaged by the seat’s height adjuster mechanism, resulting in a failure to provide an audible warning when front seat occupants do not fasten their seat belts. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 208, “Occupant Crash Protection.”

Without a warning to remind the front seat occupants that their seat belts are not buckled, they may forget to buckle their seat belt, increasing their risk of injury in the event of a crash.

Hyundai will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and reroute the wires in the front seat belt buckle harnesses to their proper locations, as necessary, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin May 6, 2016. Owners may contact Hyundai customer service at 1-800-633-5151. Hyundai’s number for this recall is 141.

Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.