Η Hyundai Motor Group ανακοίνωσε πως προχώρησε στη συνεργασία με τις κορυφαίες εταιρίας IT & δικτύωσης στη προσπάθειά της να αναπτύξει ένα υπερσυνδεδεμένο ευφυές πρωτότυπο αυτοκίνητο.

Η Hyundai βλέποντας πως τα αυτοκίνητα γίνονται όλο και περισσότερο μέρος της ζωής μας, προσπαθεί επίσης να ξεκινήσει μια πρωτοβουλία, την “Car to Life” που έχει ως στόχο τα αυτοκίνητα να συνδέονται με άλλα αυτοκίνητα, με σπίτια, με γραφεία αλλά και με την ίδια την πόλη.

Προκειμένου να επιτευχθούν οι στόχοι αυτοί, η Hyundai εστιάζει στη μακροπρόθεσμη ανάπτυξη έξυπνων υπηρεσιών συντήρησης, αυτόνομης οδήγησης, έξυπνης κυκλοφορίας και διασύνδεσης, παρέχοντας ασφάλεια και διαχείριση δεδομένων. Μια έξυπνη υπηρεσία απομακρυσμένης συντήρησης θα διαγιγνώσκει το πρόβλημα και θα διορθώσει τα προβλήματα του οχήματος από απόσταση πριν καν αυτά γίνουν εμφανή στον οδηγό. Η αυτόνομη οδήγηση θα παρέχει αυξημένη ασφάλεια, με το Smart Traffic να μειώνει την κίνηση και να ελαχιστοποιεί την διάρκεια του ταξιδιού.

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Hyundai Motor Group Announces Roadmap for Connected Car Development

  • Roadmap will drive in-vehicle network, cloud, big data and connected car security innovation
  • Collaborations with global companies will accelerate development and bring new values and efficiencies to customers
  • Hyundai Motor will set new standards by introducing era of ‘Car to Life’ connectivity

April 5, 2016 – Hyundai Motor Group has presented its roadmap for connected car development, paving the way for new innovations in vehicle connectivity. Hyundai Motor Group will collaborate with leading global IT and networking companies to develop its ‘Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car’ concept, with research and development focused on bringing new values and efficiencies to the lives of customers.

Along with the roadmap, Hyundai Motor Group plans to embark on a new era of connecting the ‘Car to Life’, as cars are increasingly at the center of our lifestyles. This initiative will provide users with a hub of infinite knowledge, plus the ability to analyze and utilize all information to enhance owner’s lives. The ‘Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car’ goes beyond converging communications technology and the vehicle to become a ‘High-Performing Computer on Wheels’. This is a concept of connecting the car to other cars, the office and to the city. In other words, Hyundai will connect cars to life.

The roadmap outlines four main service fields that will help develop smarter, more intelligent cars that can receive and utilize data faster than ever before. The mid- to long- term development focus includes a range of key features, including: smart remote maintenance services, autonomous driving, Smart Traffic and a connected Mobility Hub that provides security and data management for all elements of the connected car.

More specifically, the smart remote maintenance service will remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues before they become apparent. Autonomous driving provides utmost safety by connecting a vehicle to city and road infrastructure. Smart Traffic reduces congestion, speeds-up journeys and minimizes social costs by considering traffic and road conditions. Lastly, the connected Mobility Hub will feature a mobile hub with strong computing power to make daily life and interaction with the car and its surroundings smarter.

In the short- to mid-term, Hyundai Motor Group will concentrate on technologies related to smartphone connectivity and Smart Home Services, while establishing the core infrastructure that will provide the foundation for future developments. In order to incorporate increasingly complex features in its roadmap, Hyundai will prioritize early investment in these selected areas.

The main areas of R&D focus include in-vehicle networks for high-speed transfer of large amounts of data, and cloud technology to collect vehicle data and provide computing power. Hyundai will also research big data analytics that will allow large data sets to be used effectively, and it will invest in connected car security, essential for protecting the integrity of a complicated platform hosting varying technologies.

Hyundai Motor Group will bring the future of connected cars closer by co-developing connected car technologies through ‘Open Innovation’ collaborations with global companies. The connected car roadmap will concentrate on industry-leading research and development to foster new talents that will change the way customers interact with their cars and the world around them.

With previous experience in this field, Hyundai Motor Group has already established the Cloud system, which puts the core infrastructure of connected cars into place. Meanwhile, a group of data scientists have helped Hyundai Motor Group to specialize in data analytics since 2013. The company is utilizing big data in various areas to enhancing R&D and products, and also gathering customers’ opinions.

The car is the last frontier to bridge the missing link in future connected life. Hyundai Motor Group’s connected car roadmap will accelerate the development of new technologies that help place mobility at the center of customers’ lives.