Το 2017 η Formula 1 μπαίνει σε μία νέα εποχή, μιας και τα μονοθέσια αναμένονται να είναι πιο φαρδιά και αρκετά πιο γρήγορα λόγω της μεγαλύτερης κάθετης δύναμης που θα παράγουν. Η Pirelli μας παρουσιάζει τα νέα της ελαστικά για το 2017 όπως και τις διαστάσεις αυτών.

Τα ελαστικά του 2017 μεγαλώνουν κατά 25% και πλέον διαμορφώνονται ως εξής: Τα εμπρός ελαστικά από 245mm θα φτάσουν τα 305mm, ενώ τα πίσω από 325mm θα φτάσουν τα 405mm. Τα ελαστικά θα βρίσκονται και πάλι σε 13 ιντσών ζάντες και το 2017.


Τα νέα αυτά ελαστικά η Pirelli θα τα δοκιμάσει στις αρχές Αυγούστου σε δοκιμές που θα κάνει με μονοθέσια του 2012, 2013 και 2014. Τεράστια είναι, δε νομίζεις;

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Monte Carlo, May 28, 2016 – Pirelli has presented its new tyres in 2017 size in Monte Carlo. This is a significant technical change that also has an effect on the balance and aesthetics of the cars that will compete next year: the initial season of Pirelli’s latest three-year agreement in Formula 1.

These are the key technical and regulatory points regarding the latest tyres.

REGULATIONS. In 2017 there will be new technical rules that include a significant increase in aerodynamic downforce. To fulfil the objectives of improving lap times, in combination with the latest aerodynamic modifications, the decision has been taken to have wider tyres and therefore a wider track.

OBJECTIVES: Formula 1 would like to achieve a reduction in lap times of around four seconds per lap as a result of these new regulations. A part of this reduction will come from better performance from the tyres during corners and under acceleration.

THE NEW SIZES: The front tyre, which is currently 245mm wide, will increase to 305mm. The rear tyre will grow from 325mm to 405mm. So the new sizes for slick tyres will be 305/670-13 at the front and 405/670-13 at the rear (the total diameter will go from the current 660mm to 670mm). Wheel rim diameter remains unchanged at 13 inches.

THE INCREASE: The new tyres are more than 60mm wider at the front and more than 80mm wider at the back. Consequently, the 2017 tyre increases in width by 25% compared to the current size. This is the case for all three types: slicks, intermediates and full wet.

CONTACT PATCH: The contact patch (the area of tyre in contact with the ground, assuming equal tyre pressures) will be optimised not just in terms of size, but also shape.

TESTING: Pirelli put forward the need to modify the sporting regulations regarding tyre testing to the teams and the FIA. The resulting modification now means that the following tyre tests can take place this year:

1.Tests with 2012, 2013 or 2014-specification cars, using tyres in the current size but with prototype elements (in the constructions or compounds) to prepare for 2017.

2. A total of 25 days of testing with modified cars, using prototype tyres in 2017 size.

CALENDAR: The testing with 2012, 2013 and 2014-specification cars using current tyre sizes already got underway in May and will continue throughout the summer based on an agreement with the teams. The tests with tyres in 2017 size will start in early August, according to a programme that has been agreed with the participating teams.