H Dodge Viper διανύει την τελευταία χρονιά της και ένας αντιπρόσωπος της Dodge στο Salisbury της Βόρεια Καρολίνα ισχυρίζεται πως έχει παραγγείλει σχεδόν όλες τις Viper MY2017.

Ο αντιπρόσωπος λέει πως έχει παραγγείλει 135 Viper MY2017 που αντιστοιχούν στο 99% της παραγωγής του μοντέλου, ενώ στην αντιπροσωπεία υπάρχουν ακόμη τρεις από τις ειδικές εκδόσεις της Viper. Η μία ονομάζεται  ACR Solid Edition και φορά όλα τα ACR αεροδυναμικά εξαρτήματα που βγήκε σε μόλις 18 μονάδες, η άλλη ονομάζεται A/E Solid Edition και βγήκε σε μόλις 14 μονάδες και η τρίτη είναι η Viper Black Stripe Edition που βγήκε σε μόλις 6 μονάδες.

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Gerry Wood Dodge, One of the World’s largest Viper Dealers, Announces 2017 Viper VIP Purchase Experience

SALISBURY, N.C., Sept. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Gerry Wood Dodge is one of the World’s largest Viper dealers! They have secured 140 new 2017 Dodge Viper’s for production.

The Viper team at Gerry Wood has created 3 exclusive and unique Special Editions that have never before been released. The “ACR SOLID” Edition is a limited run of 17 GTC’s with ACR Extreme Aero spec and fully loaded options with hand selected one-of-one colors that epitomize the ACR experience. The “ADVANCED AERO SOLID” Edition consists of 14 GTC coupes with the Advanced Aero package complete with luxury appointments and stunning one-of-one color selections for a totally unique ownership experience. The final 6 vehicle “BLACK STRIPE” Edition is a black on gold color combination with ACR spec and T/A2.0 Spec showing off the available stripe options offered in the One-of-One program – an absolutely stunning series! Each vehicle in this series is 100% unique unto itself and can never be duplicated. They are truly “one of a kind.”

2017 is the very last year of the Viper, and this model year is sure to be an instant classic – a blue-chip investment. Never again will this kind of car ever be produced. An American Made hand built supercar, manual transmission, big horsepower V10 motor via normal aspiration, born with American racing in its DNA and world class quality/fit/finish. This is America’s Supercar, and it has come to an end.

We know Viper, we love Viper, we respect what Viper means to the automotive enthusiast, and we will help you through the decisions and considerations to get your perfect car.

Your 2017 Viper VIP purchase experience at Gerry Wood Dodge includes:

* VIP pickup at Charlotte (CLT), Greensboro (GSO) airport, or the Rowan County Airport (private)
* White Glove delivery experience
* Nationwide and Local delivery services available
* No Charge HPDE Track weekend with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA)
* 10% off all OEM Viper Parts and Accessories to the original owner through our parts department
* Exclusive Viper Team for sales support
* One-of-One program consultation & Support
* One-of-One color pallet service with selections from 8,000 brilliant colors
* Finance terms up to 84 months for well qualified buyers
* Viper models do not qualify for Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.

SOURCE Gerry Wood Automotive, LLC