Mexican GP Friday 28/10/16

Η Sauber μαζί με τη Manor είναι οι δύο ομάδες που δε μας είχαν δώσει κανέναν από τους δύο οδηγούς τους για το 2017. Η ελβετική ομάδα, όμως, ανακοίνωσε σήμερα πως θα συνεχίσει τη συνεργασία της με τον Marcus Ericsson, ο οποίος θα παραμείνει στο Hinwil για τρίτη συνεχόμενη χρονιά, μετά από τον ντεμπούτο του με την Caterham, το 2014.

Ο Σουηδός έχει μέχρι στιγμής 9 βαθμούς στη Formula 1, τους οποίους πήρε πέρυσι. Φέτος, η ανταγωνιστικότητα της C35 είναι κάκιστη, παρ’ όλα αυτά ο Felipe Nasr κατάφερε να πάρει 2 βαθμούς, στη Βραζιλία. Δηλώσεις του 26χρονου, αλλά και της επί κεφαλής της Sauber, Monisha Kaltenborn, μπορείς να βρεις στο παρακάτω δελτίο Τύπου.

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The Sauber F1 Team extends the contract with Marcus Ericsson
21 November 2016
The Sauber F1 Team is pleased to announce the extension of the contract with Marcus Ericsson (26). The Swede will go into his third season for the Swiss Team. The 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship will mark the fourth season of his Formula One career.

The second driver for the Sauber F1 Team will be announced in due course.

Marcus Ericsson:
“It is great news that I will be racing for another year for the Sauber F1 Team. I have spent two years with Sauber now, and I really feel at home. A big thanks to everyone within the team for trusting in me again. From a personal point of view, I have developed a lot as a driver during my time at Sauber. We have had ups and downs, but we always stick together and work as hard as we can. Since the new ownership, there has been a positive push in the team, so it will also be exciting to go into this new era. Many motorsport experts are becoming part of Sauber, which is a good sign for the future. For 2017 my aim is to build on my performance from the second half of this season, and to continue working hard with the team. I cannot wait for the 2017 season, so that we can make our way up to the midfield with the objective to score points on a regular basis.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“We are very pleased to announce that Marcus will remain our race driver for the Sauber F1 Team in 2017. During the current season Marcus has again showed he is willing to go that extra mile in order to make progress. He went through very difficult times with us, but managed those very well. In the last two years, he has made significant steps in regards to his personal development, proving his skills on as well as off track, especially when circumstances are not easy. He is not only a good driver, but also an important team player who understands how to work with the team and how to motivate everyone with his positive attitude. Formula One goes into a new era in 2017, and I am confident that we can count on Marcus to bring the team back into the competition.”