O Matthew McConaughey συνεχίζει την συνεργασία του με την Ford, και στο παρακάτω video βλέπουμε τη νέα διαφήμιση που ετοίμασε η Lincoln για το νέο Continental. Το κλιπάκι ονομάζεται “Crafted” και σε αυτό βλέπεις τον McConaughey να κάθεται στον πίσω κάθισμα, απολαμβάνοντας τις ανέσεις του αμερικάνικου πολυτελούς μοντέλου.

Να θυμίσω ότι το Lincoln Continental είναι διαθέσιμο με έναν 3-λιτρο biturbo V6 βενζινοκινητήρα, απόδοσης 400 ίππων και 542 Nm ροπής.

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Lincoln Uses Beauty, Drama and Authenticity for New Continental Campaign with Matthew McConaughey

  • The Lincoln Motor Company traveled to Iceland to shoot new television spots for its flagship vehicle, the 2017 Lincoln Continental
  • The pieces – directed by Academy Award-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister – vary in tone
  •  Timeless, elegant, luxuriously quiet Lincoln Continental offers first-class travel

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 19, 2016 – The Lincoln Motor Company traveled to the edge of the Earth to find a backdrop dazzling enough to introduce its timeless, elegant flagship vehicle – the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental.

“Entrance,” a new TV spot for the “That’s Continental” campaign featuring Matthew McConaughey, was shot on a shimmering glacial plain about 160 miles from Reykjavík, Iceland, with black sand and shallow water offset by a stunning, stark horizon.

This new ad campaign is incredibly important to Lincoln. “It’s fresh, contemporary and very visual,” says John Emmert, group marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Company.

“While many are familiar with the Continental nameplate, we wanted them to see our all-new flagship in a whole new way,” he continues. “A car as iconic as Continental could only be shot in a unique locale – one not familiar to viewers.”

The ads were directed by acclaimed cinematographer Wally Pfister, known for “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Pfister’s work on “Inception” landed him an Academy Award in 2011.

The Icelandic terrain provides an unforgettable framework for such an impressive car, says Jon Pearce, global chief creative officer for Hudson Rouge.

The conditions were extreme, he recalls, with the crew conducting shoots in raw, unpredictable temperatures and driving rain. But then rainbows would light up the sky. “The clouds would break, the winds would die down, and it would become absolutely beautiful,” says Pearce.

“Entrance” is one of several unconventional spots featuring McConaughey, each of which highlights a distinct quality of the Lincoln Continental. This piece showcases a dramatic, sweeping view of the front of the flagship vehicle.

Some segments of “That’s Continental” were shot in Los Angeles.

“Crafted,” another piece in the campaign, offers a wry take on nontraditional storytelling. And for the first time in a Lincoln ad, McConaughey is featured in the back seat to showcase some of the rear seat amenities available for Continental, including a chauffeur switch. The feature allows a passenger in the rear to move the front passenger seat forward for extra legroom.

Each narrative stands alone, says Emmert, but a common thread throughout deconstructs any preconceived notions viewers may hold about Lincoln – and the all-new Continental.

“That’s Continental” will begin airing Dec. 31.