H Abt ανακοίνωσε ότι στη Γενεύη τον Μάρτιο θα παρουσιάσει 4 βελτιωμένα αυτοκίνητα. Το πρώτο θα είναι το Audi AS6 Avant το οποίο θα διαθέτει νέους προφυλακτήρες, νέα πλαϊνά spoiler, νέες ζάντες και 4-πλες απολήξεις των εξατμίσεων. Μηχανικά ο 3.0-λιτρος V6 πετρελαιοκινητήρας θα αποδίδει 360 άλογα (313 εργοστασιακή τιμή).

Επόμενο μοντέλο είναι το QS3. Θα διαθέτει ένα επιθετικό bodykit με τον 2.0-λιτρο TFSI να αποδίδει 270 άλογα. Και το νέο Beetle να δεχτεί την περιποίηση του γερμανικού βελτιωτικού οίκου και θα φορέσει νέο bodykit, χαμηλότερα ελατήρια, φρυδάκια στα φωτιστικά σώματα και 20″ ζάντες. Μηχανικά, ο 2.0-λιτρος TFSI θα αποδίδει 240 άλογα. Τέλος, και το VW up! θα βελτιωθεί και θα φορέσει νέα καπάκια πλαϊνών καθρεπτών, φρυδάκια στα φωτιστικά σώματα και νέα πλαϊνά spoiler.

[Πηγή: ABT Sportsline]

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 On March 8, the 82nd International Motor Show will open at Geneva, and like every year, this leading trade fair is also the start of the automotive season. It has also almost become a tradition that ABT Sportsline presents its upcoming highlights here. The largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group uses its presentation at the Palexpo to gauge its future success. So don’t be surprised that the company will once again present a most special quartet of models.

The ABT QS3 – more than an SUV
With the QS3, ABT Sportsline continues its SUVs’ success story and it’s all about the “S”, really. Here it stands for “even sportier”. The strongest version of this compact car, the 2.0 TSI, has 270 hp (199 kW) – quite promising, wouldn’t you say? This modified Audi SUV from ABT is always superior. No wonder, then, that the QS3’s looks are also impressive. And indeed: every single element – from its front spoiler to its rear wing – enhances this special car’s special character…

The ABT AS6 Avant – a perfect combination
A premium estate is luxurious, provides plenty of space for all kinds of stuff and is fast – especially when built by ABT Sportsline. The latest edition of the successful “premium transporter” AS6 Avant has a 360 hp diesel (standard: 313 hp). It is not only practical and chic but also extremely racy. And you see it right away: Look at its design, side skirts, front and rear spoiler and the striking rear bumper set with its four-pipe exhaust underscore the AS6 Avant’s elegance and make it appear even more assertive than before.

The ABT Beetle – a real sportsman
Its predecessor was an evergreen, a vehicle that moved the masses, even a film star. And the old Beetle was a milestone for ABT, too. And the new one is going to galvanise the people. It is charming and will give you huge pleasure, too. 240 horses (176 kW) in the 2.0 TFSI are quite a lot and thanks to the smart lowering of the car’s suspension, this “Speedy Beetle“ by ABT is also an eye-catcher with excellent driving dynamics – on 20’’ alloy wheels in particular. A very stylish element are the headlight and rear light masks. In its standard version, the new Beetle is a nice enough fellow, but in its ABT Design it’s cheeky as hell…

The ABT up! – an apt ABT!
What do you mean, sweet? The ABT up! is an alpha male through and through! And it is perfectly at home in the city. Design elements like mirror caps, hubcaps, headlight masks, side skirts, the cool deco set and many other things see to it. It is these extras that make the ABT up! seem so trendy and modern. The only conservative thing about it is its fuel consumption…

ABT Sportsline at the 82nd International Motor Show Geneva
When: 8 – 18 March 2012
Where: Booth 5031