H Nissan παρουσίασε σήμερα την έκδοση παραγωγής του Juke Nismo Concept και θα το παρουσιάσει επίσημα κατά τη διάρκεια του 24-ωρου αγώνα του Le Mans αυτό το ΣΚ. Η έκδοση παραγωγής φορά έναν βελτιωμένο 1,6 λίτρων turbo κινητήρα απόδοσης 190 ίππων. Στη συνέχεια προχώρησε στις επεμβάσεις στο στήσιμο, χαμηλώνοντας και σκληραίνοντας τις αναρτήσεις με προϊόντα που είναι διαθέσιμα από τους καταλόγους της και ολοκληρώνοντας την βελτίωση της απόδοσης έβαλε πολυάκτινες ζάντες αλουμινίου 18-ιντσών με φαρδύτερα ελαστικά.

Τέλος, όπως είναι λογικό, καμία ολοκληρωμένη βελτίωση δεν είναι πλήρης χωρίς το απαραίτητο bodykit. Η Nismo φυσικά δεν απογοητεύει, και με ένα νέο αεροδυναμικό πακέτο που αποτελείται από έναν ανασχεδιασμένο εμπρός προφυλακτήρα και μάσκα, φαρδύτερα φτερά, πλαϊνές ποδιές, μια νέα αεροτομή οροφής, διαφορετικούς καθρέφτες και τέλος έναν νέο πίσω προφυλακτήρα που ενσωματώνει έναν διαχύτη και τις διπλές απολήξεις εξάτμισης χρωμίου. Οι πωλήσεις θα ξεκινήσουν από τον Ιανουάριο του 2013.

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  • First public unveiling of Nissan Juke Nismo production model will be on the Nissan stand at Le Mans from 13th to 17th June
  • Nissan Juke Nismo is the first in a series of new Nismo models – inspired by Nissan’s Japanese motorsport heritage and performance expertise
  • Enhanced styling, more performance and sportier handling
  • European sales to start January 2013

The production version of Nissan Juke Nismo will make its global debut at the world’s most famous race, the Le Mans 24 hour this weekend alongside the pioneering Nissan DeltaWing and Juke-R. Previously revealed as a concept at the Tokyo and Geneva international Motor Shows, this is the first glimpse of Nismo’s legendary performance DNA which will make the eagerly awaited transition from racetrack to road in early 2013.

Nissan was a pioneer of the compact crossover segment in the automotive market with the launch of Juke in 2010; and is set to continue its leadership with the launch of its first radical performance crossover model – the Nissan Juke Nismo.

Nissan’s Nismo product range, developed by the brand’s motorsport and personalisation division in Japan, offers distinctiveness and individuality as well as sports orientated handling, performance and excitement to standard Nissan cars starting with the Juke.

The Nissan Juke Nismo combines the current radical Nissan Juke design, with a unique blend of sports coupé lines and SUV styling, influenced by Nismo’s motor sport expertise. Nismo specialists have engineered a new aerodynamics kit, giving the Juke an even more efficient, dynamic and powerful design. The new model features lower front and rear bumpers, wider wings and sill side skirts, and a modified grille and tailgate spoiler which control airflow. These aerodynamic enhancements reduce front and rear lift without increasing drag enhancing the Juke Nismo’s driving performance. Stylish new 18-inch alloy wheels with wider tyres offer improved grip, and further boost the Juke’s on-road presence.

The Juke Nismo is enhanced with a tuned-up version of its 1.6-litre direct injection turbocharged petrol engine, inspired by the one installed in Nissan’s revolutionary DeltaWing Le Mans race car. As well as featuring stiffened suspension settings and new steering modifications for sportier direct handling and improved traction control, the new model will also be available with torque vectoring, a technology offering better grip and cornering capacity.

The Nismo treatment continues inside the cabin, where the steering wheel, pedals, gauges, gear knob and door trims have been redesigned to boost the sporty feeling when driving. To further underline the performance personality of the car, special suede-trimmed Nismo sports seats with red stitching have been added for increased holding while cornering.

Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President Global Product Planning, says “The introduction of Juke Nismo further cements our dedication to provide innovation and excitement for everyone. The Juke, with its radical design and pioneering attitude, is the natural choice to be one of the first Nissan models to receive the mythical performance and distinctive design treatment from our Nismo specialists.”

The Nissan Juke performance story began late last year with the creation of the Juke-R – which, intended initially as a one-off concept, has now been put into limited production due to demand.

This weekend the new Juke Nismo will sit alongside the Juke-R, starting the next thrilling chapter for the compact sports crossover, as the Nismo badge begins its journey from race track to road.

The Juke Nismo will be built at Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK in Sunderland, alongside other members of the Juke family and sales in Europe are due to start early January 2013. Further details and specifications will be announced closer to launch. Juke Nismo will be available in Japan and USA at a later date.

About Nismo

Nismo is the exclusive performance brand of Nissan. The brand is derived from Nissan’s vast motor sport activities spearheaded by Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd (Nismo) which was established in 1984.

Today Nismo also offers drivers a unique combination of performance and technical innovation. Anyone can enjoy the excitement of driving a Nismo tuned car supported by Nismo’s race proven technology.

Nismo currently operates at the highest levels of GT and sports car racing, including Japan’s domestic SUPER GT series as well as World Endurance Championship (WEC), the Le Mans 24 Hours, the Le Mans series in Europe and USA.

In 2011, Nismo-developed Nissan GT-R racecars won the driver’s and team titles in SUPER GT and the drivers’ title in the FIA GT1 World Championship, while Nismo-developed engines won LMP2 class at the Le Mans 24 Hours, and took LMP2 class titles in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup (ILMC) and Le Mans Series. In 2012, Nissan is supplying 14 engines to competitors in the LMP2 class. Nismo also won the driver and the team titles in the National class of the All-Japan Formula 3 championship.

Nismo now offers Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 which is globally eligible for various championships.

Nismo has also developed the remarkable trail-blazing LEAF Nismo RC, the world’s first all-electric racing car which made the first run in front of the public at last year’s Le Mans 24h event. Its arrival heralds a new era of technologically advanced motor sport, expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

Nismo connects with its supporters through the hugely-popular Nismo Festival in Japan, drawing upwards of 30,000 fans to its annual year-end extravaganza. The festival represents “Nissan Racing DNA” and features the cars and stars from Nissan’s sporting past, as well as examples of its current racecars.