H Toyota, για δεύτερη συνεχόμενη χρονιά πήρε το βραβείο του πιο πράσινου brand παγκοσμίως. Η έρευνα έγινε από τους ερευνητές της Interbrand οι οποίοι κατέληξαν στα 50 πρασινότερα brand του κόσμου. Η Toyota πήρε την πρώτη θέση ενώ ακολουθεί η Johnson & Johnson. Επόμενη αυτοκινητοβιομηχανία στην λίστα, και στην 3η θέση της γενικής κατάταξης η Honda, η οποία ανέβηκε 4 θέσεις, ακολουθεί η Volkswagen στη 4η θέση, η BMW στην 10η, η Ford στην 15η, η Mercedes-Benz στη 16η και η Nissan στην 21η. Οι 50 πιο πράσινες εταιρίες καθώς και το δελτίο τύπο της Toyota στη συνέχεια.

Ranking Brand Name Country of Origin Sector Gap
1 Japan Automotive -2.56
2 United States FMCG 3.89
3 Japan Automotive -0.38
4 Germany Automotive 4.20
5 United States Electronics 11.72
6 Japan Electronics 16.66
7 United States Electronics 8.12
8 Germany Diversified 16.95
9 France FMCG -2.58
10 Germany Automotive 4.67
11 United States Business Services 17.52
12 United States Diversified 8.17
13 United States Electronics -1.30
14 France FMCG 16.90
15 United States Automotive 2.25
16 Germany Automotive 11.13
17 South Korea Automotive 5.68
18 Japan Electronics 12.44
19 United States Business Services 12.07
20 Finland Electronics 18.49
21 Japan Automotive -7.46
22 Germany Sporting Goods 4.67
23 United States Beverages -6.95
24 United States Diversified 0.92
25 South Korea Electronics 6.78
26 United States Sporting Goods -7.23
27 United States Electronics 9.69
28 United States Beverages 1.29
29 Japan Electronics 8.77
30 Germany Financial Services -3.56
31 Netherlands Electronics 7.21
32 United States Electronics 17.75
33 United States Computer Software -11.47
34 Netherlands Energy -5.84
35 United States FMCG -5.85
36 United States Restaurants 1.73
37 United States FMCG 5.06
38 United States Diversified 8.61
39 Sweden Home Furnishings -10.38
40 Spain Financial Services -0.70
41 Germany Business Services -8.12
42 France Financial Services -2.49
43 United States Transportation 5.85
44 United States Financial Services 7.76
45 United States Restaurants -16.15
46 Sweden Apparel 5.71
47 Switzerland Financial Services -0.20
48 Japan Electronics -5.74
49 United Kingdom Financial Services -0.19
50 Switzerland Financial Services 0.33

[Πηγή: Toyota, Interbrand | Photo Copyright: Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon]

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Toyota tops Interbrand Best Global Green Brands second year running

Toyota retains the number one position in the second annual “Best Global Green Brands” report published by Interbrand today. The report gauges the gap between public perception of a brand’s environmental performance (or “green image”) compared to actual environmental practices using publicly available data and information.

The company’s success in the annual report, according to Interbrand, is that Toyota has continued to maintain environmental sustainability as part of the company’s core management priority. Interbrand also cites the expansion of the world’s first mass-produced full hybrid model, the Toyota Prius, into a full family range 15 years after the model’s launch as a further success story for the company.

Sales of the company’s full hybrid vehicles have surpassed 4 million units globally since the end of April 2012, including around 430,000 units sold in Europe. Toyota Europe plans to increase the sales share of full hybrid Toyota and Lexus vehicles in 2012 to 14% which currently stands at around 10%.

Starting this year, the Toyota Prius Family in Europe will consist of the Toyota Prius, the seven-seater Toyota Prius+ and the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid – bringing environmental benefits of the Prius to a wide range of customers. The quiet revolution has also reached the European B-segment with the recent launch of the European built Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

As the company continues to strive to create the ultimate eco-car, Toyota remains committed to its 360° approach in sustainable operations, aiming to reduce carbon emissions throughout the complete manufacturing and sales processes. The company is also working towards conserving natural resources through reuse and recycling of materials.

The 2011 edition of the “Toyota European Sustainability Report” detailing the company’s sustainable operations and initiatives in Europe can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/Mr5UDh, and the “Toyota and the Environment” brochure is available here: http://bit.ly/MxVGSQ. This year’s edition of the annual sustainability report will be launched in September.