H DMC ετοίμασε μια νέα εξάτμιση για τον V12 6,5-λίτρων κινητήρα της Lamborghini Aventador η οποία του δίνει επιπλέον 15 άλογα. Ο Γερμανικός οίκος μας ενημερώνει ότι μέσα σε λίγο καιρό θα μας παρουσιάσει το SV/J kit το οποίο θα βγει σε περιορισμένο αριθμό στη παραγωγή και εκτός από την εξάτμιση θα διαθέτει νέο bodykit αλλά και επαναπρογραμματισμένη ECU.

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DMC Exhaust System (Lamborghini Aventador +15HP)

Germany, June 2012: Lamborghini’s V12 cars are their flagship automobiles. The Aventador being the latest in a range of battle ship cruisers, was the first model that had a reversed priority of Top Speed, Accelleration and Handling. With Handling being most important, Acceleration and Top Speed being followed, the company from St. Agata was able to manufacture a superpower on 4 wheels.

However, the sound of the latest V12 seemed to have been forgotten by the italian engineers. It has been widely complained by many Aventador owners that the car’s noises are too nice, too calm, or simply to be non-existing at all, when being compared with the old All-Stars Murcielago, the Diabolo or even the Countach.

After spending about 6 months with the car, German Tuner DMC thinks that it has solved the above mentioned problem, by launching an improved Exhaust System for the Top-Line Bull. The luxury refiners from Dusseldorf took out the old system, did a 3D scan of the space left behind, and actually went back to the drawing board. Instead of inventing a new system however, DMC came up with an improved exhaust, that is actually based on the original. As a positive side-effect, the new machinery fits right back into place, and makes installation very easy.

The car maker was obviously bound by European legal limitations as to what’s allowed and legal in terms of sound and volume, so DMC’s engineers literally played “Bad Boy” and launched a new system that is launching nearby parked car’s alarm systems, and man does it sound nasty!

After being put on the dyno, the Aventador even showcases an improved +15HP, which is due to the new engineering and the light-weight material being used: Titanium.

Stay tuned for hearing the system in action. It is rumoured that DMC has a limited edition “SV/J” kit coming soon, which showcases this exhaust. Make sure to come back right here to get all the news about it.

About DMC: Located in the beautiful city of Duesseldorf, DMC Exotic Car Tuning is currently leading the race for high-tech qulity carbon fiber production on an industrial level. The company‘s founders have been actively involved in tuning Ferraris and Lamborghinis for many years before deciding to start DMC. Nowadays, the company’s focus is on the refinement of luxury automobiles by creating dynamicly enhanced body kits & car interiors. A strong focus on carbon fibre and special leathers like Ostrich define the German tuner‘s design character. We welcome you to visit http://www.DMC.ag to learn more about our line of carbon fiber designs for Lamborghini automobiles.