Subaru XV Production Line in Malaysia (6)

Η Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), μητρική εταιρία της Subaru, ανακοίνωσε ότι ξεκίνησε η παραγωγή του XV στο εργοστάσιο της TCMA (Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn. Bhd) στη Μαλαισία. Το παρόν έδωσε η πολιτική ηγεσία της Μαλαισίας με το εργοστάσιο να κατασκευάζει 5.300 XV ετησίως, τα οποία θα πωλούνται στις αγορές της Μαλαισίας, της Ταϊλάνδης και της Ινδονησίας.

Παράλληλα η Subaru ανακοίνωσε τις πωλήσεις της για τον Νοέμβριο οι οποίες ανήλθαν στις 66.930 αυτοκίνητα. Από την αρχή του έτους η Subaru πούλησε 694.349 αυτοκίνητα, αύξηση 134,8% αφού πέρυσι τα εργοστάσια της είχανε παραμείνει για αρκετούς μήνες κλειστά, λόγω του τσουνάμι της Ιαπωνίας.

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First Subaru XV Rolls off the Production Line in Malaysia

Tokyo, December 20, 2012 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced that it has started production of the Subaru XV crossover SUV at a Malaysian assembly plant of Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn. Bhd (TCMA), an automotive assembly company of Tan Chong Group. The official ceremony to mark the production start was held at the TCMA plant on December 19. The attendees included honored guests from the Malaysian government including Y.B Dato’ Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, Deputy Minister of Ministry of International Trade and Industry and representatives from FHI and Tang Chong Group as well as Subaru / Tan Chong team members of Subaru’s CKD (Completely Knocked Down) production project.

The CKD assembly of Subaru’s popular crossover is conducted under contract by TCMA with the initial production plan of 5,300 units a year. Locally-assembled Subaru XV models go on sale in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia through Tan Chong Group’s well-established distribution channels.

Since its foundation in 1974, TCMA has established its expertise in production and quality management in its long time engagement in automotive assembly of Japanese and European brand automobiles including Subaru vehicles back in 1986. The pre-production model of TCMA-made Subaru XV showcased at the Indonesia International Motor Show in September this year has received excellent reviews on its production quality as well as the vehicle’s sleek, yet muscular styling.

With the successful launch of its local production as a milestone, Subaru has made a good step forward on its commitment to sales expansion in the growing ASEAN markets.

Subaru Production, Japan Sales and Export Results for November 2012 (Flash report)


November 2012 Jan-Nov 2012
units 2012 vs 2011 units 2012 vs 2011
Domestic production *1 Passenger cars 51,592 118.2% 503,245 157.7%
Mini cars 0 0.0% 18,361 37.4%
Total 51,592 100.0% 521,606 141.7%
Overseas production *2 Passenger cars 15,338 92.6% 172,743 117.4%
Total 66,930 98.2% 694,349 134.8%
*1 JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Inc.) report basis (CBU)
*2 Local line-off basis
· Led by strong demand for the Impreza, passenger car production in Japan increased year on year for the 14th consecutive month, posting an all-time record for the month of November. Total domestic sales slightly rose from a year ago as well, marking the 14th month of growth. Overseas production dropped for the third month in a row. Global production recorded the first year-on-year decline in 14 months.

Japan Sales

November 2012 Jan-Nov 2012
units 2012 vs 2011 units 2012 vs 2011
Passenger cars *1 11,886 245.5% 96,777 144.5%
Mini cars *2 3,231 34.7% 66,761 87.5%
Total 15,117 106.7% 163,538 114.2%
*1 Excludes commercial vehicles
*2 Includes mini trucks
· With strong sales of the all-new Forester just launched in Japan and continued high demand for the Impreza, domestic sales of passenger cars increased from a year ago for the 6th consecutive month. Total Japan sales posted the first year-on-year increase in 4 months.


November 2012 Jan-Nov 2012
units 2012 vs 2011 units 2012 vs 2011
Total 30,496 85.3% 346,999 133.1%