Toyota 86 Modellista Concept (1)

Η Τoyota στο Tokyo Auto Salon παρουσίασε επίσης τρία πρωτότυπο του GT 86. To πρώτο είναι το GT-86 Modellista Concept το οποίο περιγράφεται ως φουτουριστικό και σοφιστικέ και φορά νέο bodykit αποτελούμενο από νέους προφυλακτήρες, πλαϊνά spoilers, αεροτομή, νέα κεραία, μαύρη οροφή και φωτιζόμενα διακοσμητικά. Φορά ζάντες 18″ με ελαστικά Toyo Purokusesu T1 Sport, χαμηλότερα ελατήρια, ενώ στο εσωτερικό υπάρχουν δερμάτινες επενδύσεις σε μαύρο και κόκκινο χρώμα.

Το Toyota 86 TRD Griffon Concept ζυγίζει μόλις 1.034 κιλά, 227 κιλά λιγότερα από το απλό μοντέλο. Η μείωση του βάρους προήλθε από την εκτενή χρήση carbon στους προφυλακτήρες, στο καπό, στις πόρτες, στα φτερά, και στο πορτ-μπαγκάζ, αλλά και από την αντικατάσταση όλων παραθύρων, εκτός του το παρμπρίζ, από πολυκαρβονικό υλικό. Το μοντέλο γυρνά στη πίστα Tsukuba της Ιαπωνίας σε 1:01.872, γρηγορότερα από την Ferrari 458 Italia η οποία γυρνά σε 1:02.24.

Τέλος το TOM’s N086V φορά τον 2GR-FSE 3,5-λίτρων V6 που συναντάμε στα Lexus IS και GS 350, και πλέον αποδίδει 400 άλογα με 450 Nm ροπής. Και αυτό φορά νέο bodykit, πατάν πάνω σε 18″ ζάντες TOM Igeta με ελαστικά Bridgestone Potenza S001, φορά coilover αναρτήσεις Advox, ενισχυμένο συμπλέκτη και μεγάλα φρένα.

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86 Modellista concept

On the theme of “futuristic sophisticated”, aims to develop 86 more stylish and sporty. , “MODELLISTA” and interior ranging side skirts, a trunk spoiler from the front bumper, color-coordinated in red Lightning customization concept proposed model. With remote control in hand, such as to inform, whether it took the engine of the car “feature David Arnold Illumination answer back”, fender garnish is marketing also ease of use as well as design.


Number of Aero mesmerizing front bumper finished in impressive fearless in cooler to face, side skirts made with the volume in a stylish design, and built-in muffler style kit to tighten the rear style, the person who sees people.


While a handy parts removed and replaced the pole, top knots antenna greatly changing the styling. Ingenious design, production car based on a more sporty feeling sharp sprint. Do not miss the distinctive black roof decal.


Pattern and decorated with symbolic representation of the logo, glossy texture reminiscent of the metal with the assertion advanced. Interior panel set, set the two types of metal monogram with Bordeaux and black image of a modern and sophisticated, the material surface with an advanced and futuristic.

Suspension & Wheels

The Lowdown spring, adjust the harmonic drive. Pay attention to the aluminum wheels of the original design in the spoke design the image of a sense of movement and bird feathers flying the sky, we have to balance at a high level matching with the car base, a sense of rigidity and lightweight also.


Base vehicle TOYOTA 86
Vehicle Type ZN6
Vehicle dimensions
Height Overall width 1,800 × 1,235 4,334 × length
Weight of vehicle 1,034 kg or more
Wheelbase 2,570 mm
Minimum ground clearance No low road, per pole test car based minimum ground clearance
Tread [before]
Tread [after]
Tire size [before] 250/640R18
Tire size [after] 250/640R18
Displacement 1,998 cc
Drive system [Rear-wheel-drive system] 2WD
Transmission 6-speed MT
Maximum output target value []
(KW [ps] / rpm)
147 [200] / 7,000
Maximum torque value [target]
(N · m [kgf · m] / rpm)
205 [20.9] / 6,400 ~ 6,700
Exterior Original design front bumper made of GFRP
Hood made of CFRP
Original design front fenders GFRP (wider)
Doors made of CFRP
Side mirror for racing
Roof made of CFRP original design
Trunk hood made of CFRP
Original design rear bumper made of GFRP
Original design rear diffuser made of GFRP
Rear wing made of CFRP
Triangle window polycarbonate
Polycarbonate side windows
Quarter polycarbonate window
Polycarbonate rear window
Interior TRD bucket seat
MOMO steering
TRD shift knob
TRD Push Start Switch
TAKATA seat belt
TRD oil temperature gauge
TRD oil pressure gauge
Water temperature gauge TRD
Functional component Exhaust muffler original manufactured / titanium (out center)
EX manifold / Original stainless manifold
Clutch cover / TRD
Clutch disc / TRD metal disk
TRD mechanical LSD
Final gear into 4.8
Differential oil cooler improved cooling
Diff carrier bush mount reinforced rubber hardness
KW shock
KW Spring
TRD stabilizer
Into pillow ball upper mount
Front lower arm from strengthening
Front lower arm bush Fr reinforced rubber hardness
Front lower arm bush into Pirro reinforced rubber hardness Rr
Reinforcement from the rear suspension member
Rear upper arm bush Fr reinforced rubber hardness
Lateral link arm from strengthening
Lateral link arm bushings rubber hardness enhancement
Trailing link enhancement products
Fr trailing link bushing rubber hardness enhancement
Rr trailing link bushing rubber hardness enhancement
Adjustable Toe Control Rod
Toe Control Rod Bush reinforced rubber hardness
Suspension Mount Bush Fr members into Ridjiddo
Suspension Mount Bush Rr members into Ridjiddo
TRD Monobloc caliper kit &
Original set of brake pads (Brembo)
RAYS TE37SL 18inch 9.5J +45 wheel