Fiat Idea Facelift 2014 (1)

H Fiat παρουσίασε το ανανεωμένο Idea το οποίο διαθέτει νέα γρίλια, νέα φωτιστικά σώματα, κυψελοειδής εισαγωγές αέρα και νέες ζάντες.

Στο εσωτερικό συναντάμε νέο πίνακα οργάνων, επανασχεδιασμένη κεντρική κονσόλα με νέους αεραγωγούς και νέο ηχοσύστημα. Η έκδοση Adventure διαθέτει επίσης νέο πολυλειτουργικό τιμόνι και νέο όργανο off-road.

Μηχανικά θα είναι διαθέσιμο με τον 1.400αρη κινητήρα βενζίνης απόδοσης 80 ίππων με 119 Nm ροπής, με τον 1.600αρη κινητήρα βενζίνης απόδοσης 115 ίππων με 159 Nm ροπής και με τον 1.800αρη κινητήρα βενζίνης απόδοσης 130 ίππων με 180 Nm ροπής.

Στη Βραζιλία θα πωλείται με αρχική τιμή τα 43.290 BRL (€19.820).


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To continue its path of success, the new Fiat Idea brings in his line in 2014. He comes to the market with internal and external changes, and new standard equipment that lets most modern, sophisticated, complete and very competitive. With changes in the visual front, the Fiat Idea 2014 is more elegant line. Attractive and Essence versions gain new front grilles, the upper accompanies Family Feeling of Fiat, and the bottom is replaced by drawing in the form of honeycomb. These versions also bring new frame for the foglamps, plus new wheels and hubcaps.

The Idea Adventure continues with your custom design. The interior of the Fiat Idea 2014 also received attention. Brings a new panel, getting even more sophisticated with their new air vents, new commands air conditioning and multifunction steering wheel again. The Essence version also offers an optional new frame for the central part of the panel. To further satisfy customers and make the most complete model, all versions of the 2014 Idea gain new content series. The Attractive is replaced on your list air conditioning, while the Essence also adds rearview external electric and chrome trim and Adventure wins wheel with radio controls.

With excellent level of finish, ample internal space with a lot of versatility (20 storage compartments arranged in strategic locations in your cabin) and engine range more complete in its segment, the Fiat Idea also brings rich content such as MP3 radio with Bluetooth and Exchange Dualogic Plus, or exclusive, as Adventure Locker, locking differential that enhances adventuresome version.

Below is the full range of Fiat Idea and their respective prices: Attractive Idea 1.4 – R $ 43,290 Idea Essence 1.6 16V-R $ 45,370 Idea Adventure 1.8 16V – R $ 52,400.