Volkswagen Passat turns 40 (1)

40 χρόνια συμπληρώνονται φέτος από τότε που το πρώτο Volkswagen Passat βγήκε στην αγορά. Η αρχή έγινε τον Μάιο του 1973, όταν η Volkswagen έβγαλε στην αγορά τη πρώτη γενιά του Passat το οποίο ήταν σχεδιασμένο από τον Giorgio Giugiaro. Το μοντέλο παρέμεινε στην αγορά έως το 1980 και μέσα στα 6,5 χρόνια πούλησε 2,5 εκατ. μονάδες.

Αργότερα ακολούθησε το επανασχεδιασμένο μοντέλο το οποίο για πρώτη φορά φορούσε turbo κινητήρα, σύστημα τετρακίνησης, τον 5-κύλινδρο κινητήρα ενώ κατασκευαζόταν σε Βέλγιο, Βραζιλία, Ισπανία, Μεξικό, Νότιο Αφρική και Ιαπωνία.

Ακολούθησαν ακόμη 5 γενιές, και σήμερα στην αγορά βρίσκεται η 7η γενιά. Η Volkswagen από το 1973 έως και σήμερα, 2013, έχει πουλήσει περισσότερα από 20 εκατ. Passat.

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40 years Volkswagen Passat

In July 1973, the delivery of the first generation began Passat The Passat was from the beginning benchmark in its class so far delivered over 20 million Passat world

Wolfsburg, 25 July 2013 – 40 years ago debuted a new Volkswagen, which ushered in a new era with modern technology and contemporary design: the Passat. Now in its seventh generation, he advanced from the prior model for success.

In May 1973, he was presented in July – exactly 40 years ago – began his delivery: The drawn by Giorgio Giugiaro hatchback car, which was soon followed by a station wagon version called Variant, convinced the clientele of middle-class newcomer. A year later he already went to the top of the German registration statistics. The first Passat – the former based on the Audi 80 – remained in the program until 1980. 2.5 million units of the so-called B1 emerged.

The successor, there was again with oblique and estate rear, he was offered until 1987. New technical features were used: four-wheel drive, turbo diesel, five-cylinder gasoline engine and the fuel-reducing formula E as a precursor of today’s BlueMotion Technology. The notchback version of the B2 Santana was given the name but on Evergreen.

As a world car of the 80s it was produced not only in Emden, but also in Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Japan. Above all, the car established the success of the Volkswagen brand in China: The Santana B2 was produced there until 2012, a modified long version – Vista – continues to run off the line. With nearly 5.5 million units of the second Passat and all of its variants, the most produced model of the entire Passat family.

The Passat models in the third (1987 to 1993) and fourth generation (1993 to 1997) were made exclusively with rear step or combination, a hatchback version there was not more for the Passat family. The new air-resistance-optimized models offered thanks to the transverse installation of the engine and transmission significantly more interior space. TDI technology, a turbocharged gasoline engine and even a compact six-cylinder found their way. Third of the Passat model range around 1.6 million units were shipped. The fully optimized, approximately 700,000 times produced Passat B4 received a stiffened body, more safety features and even more diesel engines – which the mid-level model has been upgraded significantly.

The fifth generation (1996 to 2005) set higher standards. With fully galvanized body, advanced TDI technology, powerful four-, five-, six-and eight-cylinder engines and a level of quality that you previously only known from the luxury class, the Passat finally developed a model in its class. In China – where even been offered a long version – the Passat was not until the year 2009. A total of over four million units of the fifth generation were shipped worldwide.

The spring of 2006-2009 offered, about 1.7 million times produced Passat B6 brought an additional body variant of the game: the CC, a stylish four-door coupe. For the first time a dual clutch transmission was offered for the Passat and added a powerful diesel and petrol engines and fuel-efficient BlueMotion versions.

He was succeeded by the current, more refined and more luxurious equipped edition, which put the bar even higher in terms of safety and driver assistance systems. The Passat B7 brought alongside the now independent CC another derivative with itself – the Alltrack with more defined body and optional all-wheel drive. Foreign-made, unique models, such as the Chinese New Midsize Sedan and the Passat produced in the United States completed the global trade family.

The Passat has been designed for the permanent success of the Volkswagen program. It stands for the higher positioning of the brand and the democratization of advanced technologies. Volkswagen delivered by the end of 2012 a total of over 20 million Passat and Passat derivatives from around the world.