Βλέποντας αυτό το video μπορώ να πω με βεβαιότητα πλέον πως βρήκα τον λόγο που τα μοντέλα της Nissan έχουν αυτόν τον σχεδιασμό.

Στο περιθώριο του event Nissan 360, ο Francois Farion, ανώτερος διευθυντής του τμήματος σχεδιασμού της Nissan μας μιλά για ένα πτερύγιο καρχαρία, για ένα μπουλντόγκ και για ένα ρεζερβουάρ μιας μηχανής, τα οποία αποτέλεσαν όλα πηγή έμπευσης για τον σχεδιασμό αρκετών μοντέλων παραγωγής και πρωτότυπων. Ρίξε μια ματιά στο video και βγάλε και εσύ τα δικά σου συμπεράσματα.

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Video: Και μετά αναρωτιέσαι

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Nissan Shares Rare Vehicles with Cars and Coffee Club in So. Cal.

Irvine, Calif. – At Nissan, it is not unusual for creative types to define and maintain design intention for a new vehicle with a collection of 3-D objects. Past inspiration has been found in things like a bulldog, a shark fin, and a motorcycle tank.

“Objects for us designers are very important. They allow us to communicate very well our design intention and to keep that intention all along the project,” said Francois Farion, senior manager, Nissan color and design strategy.

At the Nissan 360 program for media, which runs through Sept. 15 in Southern California, the main meeting area features a dedicated space to house design elements that have served as metaphors for current, and concept, Nissan vehicles. There’s a bulldog with sunglasses, a globe suspended by gravitational pull, a windmill and even a shark fin.

“The objects – we have to look for them and find them everywhere. To work like this in 3-D, gathering objects and putting them together in a meaningful way, is really unique to Nissan as far as I know,” said Farion.