Telsa Model S by Unplugged Performance

H αναπόφευκτη τεράστια εμπορική επιτυχία του Tesla Model S έχει κάνει όλο και περισσότερες εταιρίες να ασχολούνται μαζί του.

Έτσι μετά το βελτιωμένο από την T Sportline και την AI&ED’s Autosound, σειρά παίρνει η Unplugged Performance η οποία μας παρουσιάζει ένα εντελώς νέο στιλιστικό πακέτο για το καλύτερο ηλεκτρικό αυτοκίνητου του κόσμου, όπως έχουμε διαπιστώσει και οι ίδιοι από το test drive μας.

Telsa Model S by Unplugged Performance

Η Καλιφορνέζικη εταιρία δίνει ένα πολύ επιθετικό χαρακτήρα στο αυτοκίνητο, καθώς του τοποθετεί ένα εμπρός σπόιλερ με 995 δολάρια, αεροδυναμικές πλαϊνές ποδιές με 1.450 δολάρια, πίσω διαχύτη με 1.550 δολάρια και αεροτομή με 895 δολάρια, ενώ σου δίνει την επιλογή να τοποθετήσεις ένα νέα εμπρός προφυλακτήρα κάνοντας το αυτοκίνητο πιο δυναμικό.

Telsa Model S by Unplugged Performance

Τέλος, η Unplugged Performance δηλώνει ότι ενώ τα παραπάνω αξεσουάρ είναι ήδη διαθέσιμα, αυτό το καιρό εργάζονται και στην αύξηση της απόδοσης του αυτοκινήτου αλλά και στο set up των αναρτήσεων.

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The Tesla Revolution Has Reached a New Phase and Tesla Tuning Culture Has Begun

Introducing the Unplugged Performance Model S

HAWTHORNE, CA – Unplugged Performance, neighbors with Tesla’s Hawthorne Design Center, has launched the aftermarket’s answer to Mercedes’ AMG and BMW’s M division for the Tesla Model S. With Tesla’s Supercharger stations filling up with cars, Unplugged offers hardcore Model S owners a way to stand apart from the crowd.

Unplugged Performance is the world’s first tuning company dedicated to the Tesla Model S. Unplugged’s debut consists of a tastefully aggressive redesign of the Model S’s front fascia, side skirts, rear under spoiler and trunk spoiler. All Unplugged products retain adequate ground clearance for everyday use yet add a significant edge to the car’s design. However Unplugged is not stopping at external improvements, they are busy developing modifications that will increase the Model S’s power, improve the car’s suspension and add further exotic luxury to the car’s interior.

Available now, the Unplugged Performance body panel system consists of ready to install parts finished in professionally color matched paint or in high quality carbon fiber construction. All parts are offered individually or as a set and include:

– Unplugged Performance Complete Front Fascia System

– Unplugged Performance Front Spoiler and Diffuser System

– Unplugged Performance Side Skirt Set

– Unplugged Performance Rear Under Spoiler and Diffuser System

– Unplugged Performance Trunk Spoiler

Unplugged parts are developed by a team of professional automobile designers that originally met at Art Center College of Design and an ex-Ferrari F1 Team composites engineer. Unplugged secretly began development in 2013 as a spinoff of Bulletproof Automotive, an internationally renowned company with 14 years of experience offering the world’s highest quality modifications to sports cars and exotics.

When asked about the purpose of launching Unplugged Performance, President of Unplugged’s parent company Bulletproof Automotive, Ben Schaffer responded: “As an owner of a Tesla Model S P85+ I can tell you that the car is already an exceptional and unique driving experience. However being also an active member of the supercar community I can say from experience that every car including even the greatest supercars have the ability to become better still when upgraded with the right selection of parts. It has been proven again and again that regardless of how great a car is from the factory, it is truly only a starting point to extract the vehicle’s true potential. Brands like Mercedes’ AMG exist to bring an increased level of excitement to the ownership experience and Unplugged Performance’s goal is to push the potential of the Tesla Model S further than anyone has imagined. Unplugged is creating a future for our fellow Tesla owners that want to get the most out of their Tesla experience by upgrading their cars. Whether it is new heights of performance, styling or driving satisfaction Unplugged Performance will be developing upgrades that are worthy and well-designed improvements for such a revolutionary car.”

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