Minitune MINI Cooper S 1

Μπορεί να έχει ήδη κυκλοφορήσει το νέο Mini Cooper αλλά αυτό δεν σημαίνει πως η προηγούμενη γενιά θα ξεχαστεί άμεσα. Έτσι, η Minitune, αποφάσισε να βελτιώσει το προηγούμενο Mini Cooper S.


Όσον αφορά στον τομέα της εμφάνισης, το αυτοκίνητο έχει εξοπλιστεί με ένα διακριτικό bodykit που περιλαμβάνει εμπρός lipspoiler, νέα sideskirts και νέο διαχύτη ψευτο-διαχύτη. Το πακέτο συμπληρώνουν οι 18άρες ζάντες ελαφρού κράματος MotecNitro και η αεροτομή στο τελείωμα της οροφής.

Minitune MINI Cooper S 2

Μηχανικά, ο υπερτροφοδοτούμενος 1600άρης διαθέτει βελτιωμένη ECU, νέο intercooler και νέο σύστημα εξαγωγής. Χάρη σε αυτές τις μετατροπές, αποδίδει πλέον 218 ίππους και 319 Nm ροπής.

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New: R56-Styling by Minitune


TSS Tuning GmbH, a company domiciled in the Swabian region of Kirchheim-Teck, was

launched in the spring of this year with the new label “Minitune”. True to its name, the new

brand has committed completely to the upgrade of vehicles of the model portfolio of the

German premium compact car producer with British roots that has meantime, become highly

impressive. For instance, the styling experts of Minitune tailored a fashionable outfit on the

bodywork of the MINI Cooper S of the construction series R56 (shown here) that was rolled

out recently.


The company’s own Minitune body kit consists of a front spoiler bumper bar with big inlets, a

black front grill, side skirts and a rear apron in diffuser optics and roof spoiler in racing looks.

Moreover, Minitune integrated an air inlet with a distinctively formed scoop, in the engine


In contrast to the abundant regular chrome on the MINI as a proven retro-character in

standard production, Minitune consistently lacquered every reflective surface in glittering

black, to give it its unmistakable more sporty appearance. Dark LED rear lights and fog tail

lamps in Union Jack design were also applied on the rear – after all, deep in its heart the

MINI will always remain British.


To match the resultant color of the bodywork, Minitune endowed the Cooper S with a set of

Motec Nitro single piece in black with outline in matching car color. The lightweight 8×18-

inches wheels were covered all-round with Kumho tires of the dimension 215/35R18.

Lighting up behind the black rim stars are the brake calipers that are also painted in the

matching car color and act on the perforated EBC turbo groove brake disks on the front axle

with EBC red stuff brake pads.


The brake upgrade is not a matter of coincidence but a sheer reasonable counterweight to

the performance boost from the hitherto 174 horse power / 240 Nm to its present 218 horse

power / 319 Nm that was achieved in the aftermath of the optimized engine electronics.

Moreover, Minitune also installed a better high-performance charging air intercooler, which

teases out a few more horse power from the super lively 1.6-liter turbo engine.

The Minitune sports exhaust system made of stainless steel including the 200-cell sports

catalyzer, which smatters from its centrally positioned double tailpipes ensures the sound

background to match the evolved performance.


Last but not the least, Minitune endowed Cooper S with a sports chassis frame from the

specialists of Koni, which combines an additional boost of the MINI-typical agility with an

astounding driving comfort.