Opel Mokka Moscow Edition 1

Η Opel, παρουσίασε στην έκθεση αυτοκινήτου της Μόσχας, το Mokka Moscow Edition και παρότι ακούγεται και φαίνεται σαν μία ειδική έκδοση του δημοφιλούς, μικρού SUV, στην πραγματικότητα, πρόκειται για concept.

Opel Mokka Moscow Edition 3

Οι διαφοροποιήσεις του Moscow Edition σε σύγκριση με το απλό, περιορίζονται στο αισθητικό κομμάτι και πιο συγκεκριμένα, στο χρωματικό. Το Mokka Moscow Edition παρουσιάζεται σε ένα έντονο πορτοκαλί χρώμα με μαύρα προστατευτικά πλαστικά, δίχρωμες ζάντες ελαφρού κράματος και γραφικά στο καπό και την οροφή.

Opel Mokka Moscow Edition 4

Το ίδιο theme συνεχίζεται και στο εσωτερικό, όπου οι σχεδιαστές έβαλαν πορτοκαλί και μπλε ραφές στα δερμάτινα καθίσματα, τοποθέτησαν πορτοκαλί διακοσμητικά στο ταμπλό και τις πόρτες και εξόπλισαν το Mokka Moscow Edition με νέα, ειδικά πατάκια.

Δελτίο Τύπου

Opel at the Moscow International Motor Show: three Russian prime ministers and two new versions of Mokka

  • Russian premieres: Opel ADAM, ADAM ROCKS and Insignia OPC
  • Tribute to the Russian capital: a concept car Opel Mokka Moscow Edition
  • At full throttle through the desert: Opel Mokka Dakar for the most complex in the world of rally

Rüsselsheim / Moscow. Opel model line expands in Russia. At the Moscow International Motor Show 2014 presented three cars, no doubt deserving of the title of the most striking and emotional throughout the model range. As they go on sale in early 2015.

Opel ADAM created a furor in Europe and is ready for new challenges in Russia. This stylish urban hatchback – a real record of individualization. The number of combinations clearance city car tends to infinity, so we can safely say that each ADAM unique.

Opel ADAM – debut in the rapidly growing segment of “lifestyle” car A-Class. The three-door mod length of only 3.7 m fits perfectly into the urban environment. Configure the chassis and steering are focused on how to give the driver maximum driving pleasure.

ADAM family is growing: machine for fans of adventure and fresh air, the stylish new genre legislator and, of course, the champion of individualization Opel ADAM ROCKS copes with multiple roles at once. Trehdverka length of 3.75 m, a “pocket crossover”, opens a new market niche. Designers have given Opel ADAM ROCKS few special touches, which, combined with the soft-top gives it its own unique charm. Under the hood lurks ADAM ROCKS completely new 1.0-liter ECOTEC engine with direct injection and turbocharging. This high-tech, powerful and compact engine complies with Euro 6. vibration and noise, often characteristic of a three-cylinder motors, are minimized. The new 1.0 ECOTEC will be offered in two degrees of forcing 90 and 115 hp With the latest ADAM ROCKS accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.9 seconds and its top speed is 196 km / h.

To enable ADAM ROCKS off-road properties, Opel engineers largely redesigned suspension and steering. Ground clearance mini crossover increased by 15 mm compared to ADAM, and was 140 mm.

The flagship of the entire range of Opel, Insignia OPC provides uncompromising 325 hp and 435 Nm of torque. With the six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive Insignia OPC from zero to 100 km / h in 6 seconds (6.3 seconds for the wagon Sports Tourer). Maximum speed electronically limited model for 250 km / h, and a version without strain reaches 270 km / h (265 for the wagon). High-performance Brembo brake system provides efficient deceleration, absolute stability and durability even under high loads. Electronically controlled AWD system is built on the principle of Haldex. It can transmit up to 100% of torque to the front or rear axle, constantly adapting to the driving conditions. In combination with the FlexRide suspension with shock absorbers adjustable stiffness becomes the standard all-wheel drive chassis handling and control. The new program is aimed at the ESP control as accurately as possible the impact, especially in the case of understeer.

Exterior and interior Insignia OPC every detail underline the sporty model. Aggressive bumpers, Recaro seats with memory, gear knob with emblem OPC and completely new front panel and gauges. Now, the driver can see the parameters such as oil pressure and temperature, the degree of throttle opening and the acceleration on the optional 8-inch display. A new sports steering wheel is fitted with gearshift paddles for versions with automatic transmission. Even in automatic mode, the driver can instantly switch gears that allows you to combine pluses manual and automatic gearboxes.

Stunning design concept Opel Mokka Moscow Edition

Where else but at the Moscow International Motor Show to present kotsept car Opel Mokka Moscow edition? A special version of the best-selling book is devoted to the capital metropolis. Inspired by the map of Moscow, the designers applied on the hood, roof and rear of the crossover label Mokka, in which the letter “O” stylized road network within the Garden Ring. The same graphic elements are present and in the interior they are laser engraved on the seatbacks to be supported on the front panel. Soft leather with perforations on the seats stitched with contrasting blue and orange thread. Even mats continue to blue-orange theme, in addition to them plotted coordinates: latitude and longitude of Moscow.

Opel Mokka Dakar ready to race in South America

Opel aims to develop new types of motorsport. Balázs Szalay (Balázs Szalay) and Laszlo Bunkotsi (László Bunkoczi) from the Hungarian team Opel-Team prepared a special crossover Mokka, to take part in the Dakar Rally. This legendary race in the desert, which will be held from 3 to 17 January in South America: Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. “War” crossover completely ready for such adventures. Suspension with 25-centimeter progress cope with deep holes in the sand, and high jumps. Huge tank capacity of 520 liters allows to pass great distances at maximum speed. Some components of a body made ??racing Mokka and light and heavy-duty carbon fiber. Under the hood of the car is placed V8 engine capacity of 6.2 liters, which produces 340 hp and 660 Nmft of torque. Is transmitted to all four wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox. Auto show visitors can see this car is one of the first.