Chevrolet Corvette Stingray by Geiger Cars

Ο γερμανικός βελτιωτικός οίκος Geiger Cars, γνωστός για τις αναβαθμίσεις του σε αμερικάνικα αυτοκίονητα, παρουσίασε το νέο του πακέτο για την Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray.

Ο 6,2-λίτρων V8 κινητήρας του θρυλικού muscle car πλέον αποδίδει 590 άλογα, καθώς του τοποθετήθηκε ένας κομπρέσορας της Eaton, με την ροπή να φτάνει τα 757 Nm. Μια αύξηση της τάξης των 130 ίππων και 127 Nm ροπής. Εξαιτίας αυτής της αύξησης, η Corvette είναι ικανή να πιάσει 320 χλμ/ώρα.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray by Geiger Cars

Η Geiger Cars τοποθετεί επίσης  coilover αναρτήσεις της KW, variant 3, που χαμηλώνουν το αυτοκίνητο κατά 10 με 35 χλστ. τον εμπρός άξονα και κατά 15 με 45 χλστ. τον πίσω. Πατάει πάνω σε σφυρήλατες ζάντες ελαφρού κράματος 19 ιντσών εμπρός και 20 πίσω, με ελαστικά 255/30 εμπρός, και 305/25 πίσω.

Το bodykit που της τοποθετεί είναι εξολοκλήρου φτιάγμένο από carbon, περιλαμβάνει νέα μάσκα, εμπρός splitter, δεξιά και αριστερά flaps, πλαϊνές ποδιές, διαχύτη, πίσω αεροτομή και κάλυμμα. Όλα τα παραπάνω εκτός του ότι κάνουν ελαφρύτερο το αυτοκίνητο, βελτιώνουν και τα αεροδυναμικά του χαρακτηριστικά. It includes a front , left & right side flaps, diffuser, side sills, front grille, rear spoiler and a rear mudguard cover.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray by Geiger Cars

Το αυτοκίνητο που βλέπεις στις φωτογραφίες κοστίζει €113,000, με την μηχανική βελτίωση να κοστίζει €15.500, οι ζάντες €6.500, η ανάρτηση €3.900, το carbon bodykit €6.652 και το χρυσό της χρώμα €6.000. Sorry, αλλά θα πάρω την νέα Z06.

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Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray

The newest Corvette generation C7 Stingray is presented in a more exciting and grown up way than ever before. The facts in brief: V8 suction engine, 460 PS, 630 Nm torque, launch control, magnetic selective ride control suspension etc.

However, only from Munich provides the right adrenalin rush with a tailor-made package of technology and visuals:

  • exclusive GeigerCars body kit made of carbon


  • adjustable KW variant 3 coilover suspension


  • compressor conversion to 590 HP & 757 Nm torque gives the classic V8 drive unit an Eaton compressor, which generates an increased performance around 130 HP. At the same time, the maximum torque increases by a full 145 Nm. To summarise, the C7 now has 590 HP and a torque of 757 Nm, which is sufficient for a maximum speed of almost as 320 km/h. In order that this forceful performance can be converted into propulsion without losses, the Munich US car specialists built a KW variant 3 coilover suspension, which can be individually adjusted. The lowering area of the suspension is located on the front axle between 10 and 35 mm, and between 15 and 45 mm on the rear axle. In the wheel arches of the beautiful C7 turn in-house forged wheels, which are significantly lighter than their standard counterparts. At the front in the format 9.5×19 inch with 255/30R19 and at the rear in 11×20 inch with 305/25R20, this wheel/tyre combination provides breathtaking grip conditions.

Absolute highlight of the conversion is the specially developed body kit made of ultra-light carbon fibre, which also significantly contributes to the improvement of the aerodynamics. For the front part, there is a front splitter with additional flaps to the left and right, and a front grille incl. grate. A set of new sills guides the air past the sides of the C7. gives the tail a rear bumper with diffuser and a rear spoiler. The visual improvements are rounded off by an exclusive special paint in “motorsport gold”.

The new Corvette C7 Stingray is offered as standard in Germany with the Z51 performance package. This includes optimised aerodynamics, improved suspension tuning and improved cooling in the case of top speeds for extended periods. The basic price of almost €74,500 includes standard features, which some competitors can only dream of. There is the excellent “magnetic selective ride control” suspension with various driving modes, extensive leather fittings, a launch control and a large navigation system.

The new Chevrolet Corvette C7 is now available as a coupé or cabrio with or without the conversion.


2015 Geiger Corvette C7 Stingray

Engine: V8 compressor

Displacement: 6,162 ccm

Power: 434 kW (590 HP)

Torque: 757 Nm

Gears: 7-speed manual transmission

Consumption EU l/100 km: built up areas 19.1 / out of town 7.8 / combined 12

CO² emission comb. (g/km): 279

Emissions class: Euro 5/G

Vmax: 320 km/h


Vehicle basic price €74,500

Conversion in detail:

Engine  €15,500

Compressor conversion

(Price incl. assembly)

Geiger forged rims €6,500

VA 9.5×19 inch with 255/30R19

HA 11 x20 inch with 305/25R20

(Price incl. assembly)  

KW variant 3 coilover suspension €3,900

Lowering VA: 10-35 mm

Lowering HA: 15-45 mm

(Price incl. assembly)

Geiger carbon body kit €6,652

Consisting of: front splitter, side flaps left & right,

rear underbody incl. diffuser, side sills,

rear spoiler, rear mudguard cover over oil cooling systems,

front grille incl. grate

Special paint in “motorsport gold” €6,000

(Prices incl. assembly)

Price for test vehicle €113,000


Geigercars GmbH has been a successful US car dealer since over 35 years. There 75 vehicles waiting to be viewed at all times in our showroom in Trudering, our permanently recallable total stock is approximately 200 cars. Formula for success: Highly qualified all-round service. Specially trained technical workshop personnel, state-of-the-art diagnostics center, unlimited supply of spare parts and accessories for all US vehicles, arrangement of vehicle insurance at top conditions, and a two-year guaranty insurance of up to 120,000 kilometers for all imported new vehicles.

Europe wide unique: High-performance test platform for all-wheel drive “Autodyn 880 AWD” from SuperFlow to 1,600 HP and 322 k.p.h.