Η Subaru παρουσίασε το Forester tS, την έκδοση παραγωγής του Forester STI tS Concept, που θα είναι διαθέσιμο σε μόλις 300 μονάδες, αποκλειστικά στην Ιαπωνική αγορά.

Το Subaru Forester tS έχει αναπτυχθεί σε συνεργασία με την Subaru Tecnica International (STI), διαθέτοντας αρκετά στοιχεία του πρωτότυπου, όπως το επιθετικό bodykit, το οποίο περιλαμβάνει ανασχεδιασμένους προφυλακτήρες, εμπρός splitter, μαύρη πίσω αεροτομή, μεγάλες απολήξεις της εξάτμισης και 19άρες σφυρήλατες ζάντες της BBS με ελαστικά Bridgestone Turanza ER33.

Στο εσωτερικό συναντάμε μεταξύ άλλων νέο ταχύμετρο με τελική ένδειξη τα 260 χλμ/ώρα, πολυλειτουργική οθόνη, δερμάτινο τιμόνι με κόκκινες ραφές και λογότυπο STI, μαύρες δερμάτινες/σουέτ επενδύσεις με κόκκινες ραφές, STI λογότυπα και μαρσπιέ.

Η STI ανάρτηση χαμηλώνει την απόσταση από το έδαφος κατά 15 mm, τα φρένα είναι της Brembo με την Subaru να αναρρυθμίζει την ECU του δίλιτρου κινητήρα ώστε αυτός να αποδίδει 280 άλογα με 350 Nm ροπής, και τα συστήματα TCU (Transmission Control Unit) και VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control). Ο κινητήρας συνδυάζεται με ένα CVT Lineatronic αυτόματο κιβώτιο που στέλνει τη κίνηση σε όλους τους τροχούς.

Στην Ιαπωνία ξεκινά από τα ¥4.350.000 (€30.630) με τη Subaru να δέχεται παραγγελίες έως τις 5 Απριλίου του 2015.

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STI Releases Subaru “Forester tS” in Japan

Tokyo, November 25, 2014 – Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI)*1 today announced the release of the Subaru “Forester tS”, which goes on sale on November 25 through Subaru dealerships in Japan.

With a development concept focused on creating an on-road vehicle which has a rugged styling, responsive handling performance and quality feel, the Forester tS offers an enhanced version of the driving performance the Forester provides as an SUV, delivering the ultimate in driving enjoyment and pleasure of ownership.

The Forester tS benefits from its own exclusive tuning the “S# (Sport Sharp) mode” for “SI-DRIVE”. Driving performance has also been enhanced by the adoption of “brembo” ventilated disc brakes, BBS-designed 19-inch forged aluminum wheels and STI-designed front and rear under spoilers. The exclusively tuned suspension and use of STI’s unique flexible parts mean that, under any conditions, the Forester tS delivers the “strong and nimble” driving feel on which STI prides itself.

The new model comes with distinctive specifications: On the exterior these include the “STI” ornament and cherry red pinstripe on the front grille and rear bumper, while the interior features a speedometer with an STI logo and a carbon-toned instrument panel. Features such as these serve to reinforce the model’s identity as an STI-tuned car, evoking the pleasure of ownership.

The Forester tS is equipped with Subaru’s unique driver assist technology, EyeSight*2, and is exclusively tuned to accommodate its lower ride height and brembo-designed brakes. It was also developed with careful attention to noise reduction, employing floor mats covered in sound insulating material, among other measures.

*1: Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI; President Yoshio Hirakawa; located in Mitaka, Tokyo)
The company manages motorsport activities of Subaru.
*2: EyeSight(ver.2) as it is known on the Japanese market.

Special Features of the Subaru Forester tS


  • 245/45 R19 tires (TURANZA ER33)
  • BBS-designed 19-inch forged aluminum wheels
  • Brembo front 17-inch opposed 4-pot ventilated disc brake with STI logo
  • Brembo rear 17-inch opposed 2-pot ventilated disc brake with STI logo
  • STI-tuned suspension (15 mm-lower, inverted-strut front suspension)
  • STI-designed flexible tower bar
  • STI-designed flexible draw stiffener, front and rear
  • STI-designed flexible support subframe, rear
  • Exclusively-tuned ECU (Engine Control Unit)
  • Exclusively-tuned TCU (Transmission Control Unit)
  • CVT oil cooler


  • Exclusively-made black front grille (with “STI” ornament and cherry red pin stripe)
  • STI-designed front spoiler/STI-designed rear under spoiler
  • Black roof spoiler
  • Exclusively-made large-diameter muffler cutter
  • Fog light bezels (metallic silver)
  • Black door mirrors
  • Black side window moldings
  • Exclusively-made side cladding moldings (metallic silver)
  • Cherry red pin stripe on rear bumper
  • Exclusively-made “STI” ornament, front and rear
  • Exclusively-made “tS” ornament, side and rear


  • Exclusively-made luminescent speedometer (up to 260 km/h) with STI logo
  • Exclusively-made multifunction display
  • Exclusively-made leather lapped steering wheel (quality-feel leather with “STI” ornament and red stitching)
  • STI-designed push button ignition (red) with STI logo
  • STI-designed leather lapped gear knob with STI logo
  • Exclusively-made seats (black leather/black punching Ultrasuede® combination seats [red stitching and red accents])
  • Door trims (black punching Ultrasuede®/black Ultrasuede® with red stitching)
  • Carbon-toned instrument panel
  • AC controls comprising silver dials and piano black-toned switches with red bezel
  • Black interior (trims on pillars, roof, and window sills)
  • Exclusively-made side sill plate with STI logo

■Safety Equipment

  • Exclusively-tuned EyeSight
  • Exclusively-tuned VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control)

Maximum 300 units (must be preordered by April 5, 2015)

Recommended Retail Price

Model Price (Yen)
Grade Engine Drivetrain Transmission Including
Forester tS 2.0-liter
four-cylinder DOHC
direct injection turbo
“DIT” engine
AWD Lineartronic 4,350,000 4,027,778

Note: Body colors available are WR Blue Mica,*3 Crystal White Pearl,*4 Ice Silver Metallic, and Crystal Black Silica.

*3: Must be preordered by February 8, 2015.
*4: Costs 32,400 yen extra (including consumption tax).