Η Pagani το καλοκαίρι πήγε την Huayra στην Αμερική έτσι ώστε να την δούνε από κοντά οι Αμερικάνοι, οι οποίοι δεν είδανε ποτέ την Zonda λόγω της έλλειψης αερόσακων. Οι φήμες ήθελαν την Pagani να μην πουλά την Huayra στην Αμερική επειδή ούτε αυτή διαθέτει αερόσακο, αλλά τελικά η εταιρία ανακοίνωσε ότι θα της προσθέσει αερόσακο έτσι ώστε να πάρει άδεια να πωλείται και στην Αμερική από το 2013.

Να θυμίσω ότι το όνομα της προέρχεται από τον Αρχαία ΝότιοΑμερικάνικη διάλεκτο Quechua που σημαίνει αέρας. Το ιταλικό supercar διαθέτει πόρτες τύπου Gullwing έχοντας διαστάσεις: 4.605mm μήκος, 2.036mm πλάτος, 1.169mm ύψος με το μεταξόνιο να ανέρχεται στα 2.795mm. Ζυγίζει 1.350 κιλά και έχει κατανομή βάρους 44% μπροστά και 56 πίσω.

Πίσω από τα καθίσματα βρίσκεται ο V12 turbo κινητήρας της Mercedes-Benz AMG, M158, 6.0 λίτρων απόδοσης 700 ίππων με 1000 Nm ροπής. Συνδυάζεται με έναν 7-τάχυτο σειριακό κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων διπλού συμπλέκτη με AMT ρομποτικό σύστημα με πολλά προγράμματα οδήγησης, συνολικού βάρους 96 κιλών. Όλα τα παραπάνω δίνουν την δυνατότητα στην πισωκίνητη Huayra να έχει τελική ταχύτητα 370 χλμ/ώρα και να μπορεί να παράγει πλευρικές δυνάμεις της τάξεως των 1.5 G. Τα 0-100 χλμ/ώρα τα κάνει σε 3.2 δευτερόλεπτα.

Το εσωτερικό είναι αντίστοιχο με αυτό που περίμενε κανείς από την Pagani. Πολυτέλεια με ρετρό σχεδίαση με το carbon, το δέρμα και το αλουμίνιο να συνδυάζονται αρμονικά. Ο πίνακας οργάνων διαθέτει μπλε φωτισμό, ενώ στο κέντρο του ταμπλό βρίσκεται τοποθετημένο ένα multimedia σύστημα με ραδιόφωνο, σύστημα πλοήγησης, σύνδεση Bluetooth και άλλα πολλά. Μόλις 20 αυτοκίνητα θα κατασκευάζονται τον χρόνο στις εγκαταστάσεις της Pagani στην Ιταλία και αναμένεται να κοστίζει γύρω στις €1.000.000.

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New Italian Supercar Draws World-Renowned Crowd at August 4 Event

Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani Automobili S.p.A., officially introduced its newest creation, the Huayra, to U.S. enthusiasts, during an exclusive preview event held at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif. on August 4, 2011. The U.S. arrival of its high-styled Huayra allows stateside enthusiasts the opportunity to obtain a Pagani automobili in the U.S. for the first time, and bolsters Pagani as a major player in the world’s largest automotive market.

The Huayra, which boasts a revolutionary design, state-of-the-art mechanics and 700 horsepower, is designed with active aerodynamics of a wing in mind and considered to be the lightest sportscar in its class at 1.350 kg. The Huayra will next be seen at various events in August, including Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2011 and Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, both held during the week leading up to the famed Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

“We were thrilled with the outcome at the Art Center College of Design and are so honored that they partnered with us to put on such a wonderful event”, said Francesco Zappacosta, Managing Director of Pagani. “We are looking forward to a successful run during the events in Monterey and an overall positive response from U.S. enthusiasts”.

PAGANI AUTOMOBILI CELEBRATES SUCCESSFUL WEEK IN MONTEREY WITH PUBLIC INTRODUCTIONS OF ITS ALL-NEW HUAYRA Italian Manufacturer Furthered Victory with “Best in Class” Win for its Zonda R Supercar at Quail, A Motorsports Gathering Monterey, Calif. (August 23, 2011) Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani Automobili S.p.A. publicly introduced its all-new supercar, the Huayra, to crowds of automotive enthusiasts during the events leading up to the famed Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, Calif. last week.

Named after Huayra, an ancient God of wind, the Huayra was first publicly seen at Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival 2011 and then again at Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, where hundreds of the most influential car enthusiasts, journalists, educators and industry executives met to see the car up close.

Horacio Pagani, founder and chief designer of Pagani Automobili, was on-hand to answer questions personally. The car boasts a revolutionary design, represents the state-of-the-art mechanics and features a Mercedes-AMG engine with more than 700 horsepower. The demand and enthusiasm about Huayra is great all over the world. The first deliveries for the American market will start in 2013 and will absorbe the production until 2014,. As declared by Horacio Pagani, Pagani Automobili will sell a limited number of cars also in the U.S. market, infact, despite the production increase compared to the Zonda, the small number of cars available in every market will make the object even more exclusive

The Zonda is also the supercar, togher with the Mclaren F1, that keeps the value more than any other car.

Also presented during the week was the Pagani’s Zonda R, the ultimate example of Pagani’s Zonda series, which was awarded “Best in Class” within the Supercar exhibit at Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, on Friday, August 19.

The Zonda received the 2001 “Car of the Year” award from British performance car magazine Evo and the 2002 “Performance Car of the Year” and “Specialist Manufacturer” awards from Car magazine and AutoCar respectively. The Zonda further cemented its status as one of the world’s premier high-performance cars in 2002 and 2007 by setting the Nurburgring circuit record for road homologated cars; the Zonda R currently holds the lap record. Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson crowned the Zonda R as the 2010 Jeremy Car of the Year.

About Pagani Automobili S.p.A.

Pagani is a privately owned Italian sportscar manufacturer. The company was founded in 1991 by Horacio Pagani and is based in San Cesario sul Panaro, near Modena, Italy. Pagani is known for its extensive experience in advanced composite materials and crafting some of the world’s fastest supercars.  Customers can find dealerships by visiting the website at www.pagani.com.

Below the awards won by Pagani Automobili during its history:

Zonda R: Nürburgring Nordschleife Fastest Laptime: 6:47 on June 2010. Pagani Automobili: Best of Italian Luxury Award September 2010 – Hurun Report China. Supercar of the year Pagani Zonda Cinque Year 2009 – C! Magazine. Mothers Choice Award: Excellence in Automotive Design Year 2009 – SEMA SHOW – Las Vegas. Supercar of the Year: Zonda C12 S Year 2006 – C! Magazine. “Zonda F: customer’s best choice” Year 2009 – Sport Auto Francia. Zonda Roadster F: Nürburgring Nordschleife Record: 7:29:70 August 2008. Pagani Automobili Specialist Manufacturer Award Year 2002 – Autocar UK. Top Gear Powerlaps Zonda F fastest time November 2005 – Top Gear UK. Best Car of the Decade: 2nd place April 2004 – Evo. “Palme d’Or”: Zonda F Coupé is best supercar 2005. December 2005 – Sport Auto F Zonda F: Nürburgring Nordschleife Laptime: 7:24:44 August 2008. Zonda C12 S Performance Car of the Year 2002 – Car. Zonda F: “Best Drivers’ car” Year 2009 – Evo. Zonda C12 S Car of the Year 2001 – Evo. Supercar of the Year: Zonda F Clubsport Year 2008 – C! Magazine. Record Nürburgring homologated cars June 2002 – Sport Auto. Nürburgring Nordschleife Laptime: 7’32” November 2005 – Sport Auto Zonda F: Nürburgring Nordschleife Record: 7:27:82 September 2007.

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