H SchwabenFolia βελτίωσε και αυτή το Volkswagen Golf VI R. Στη περίπτωση της, ο 2,0-λιτρος TSI κινητήρας αποδίδει 330 άλογα και φορά χειροποίητη εξάτμιση με σωληνώσεις 90 mm, κατασκευασμένη από την F-Town Street Machines, αποτελούμενη από δύο βαλβίδες της Capristo οι οποίες μπορούν να παράγουν ήχο 130 dB.

Σε ότι αφορά το στήσιμμο του αυτοκινήτου, τοποθέτησε χαμηλότερες H&R αναρτήσεις και κόκκινες ζάντες 19″ με ελαστικά της Dunlop διαστάσεων 235/35. Τέλος το έντυσε και με ένα γκρι ματ μεταλλικό αυτοκόλλητο βινυλίου της Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF).

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In place of his early six-cylinder engines in the R32 (so called because of 3.2-liter displacement), Volkswagen has not placed – as actually expected – the R36, but for ecological reasons the short and concise called Golf R with “discreet” 2 liters capacity, lower fuel consumption and more favorable carbon dioxide emissions. And nevertheless, the Golf R by Volkswagen with its 270 hp (or 199 kW) and 350 Nm of torque is the most powerful production Golf, at least so far.

Just such a Golf R has been taken to task by the tuner and car foiler SchwabenFolia from Korntal-Münchingen in Baden-Wurttemberg (north-west of Stuttgart). The team around the owner Sandro Columpsi has begun to give the “biter” from Wolfsburg more beef on his way by means of a power increase with additional 60 hp to now 330 hp. A significant share of this power increase has undoubtedly the special customized handmade (in the truest sense of the word) exhaust system with a 90 mm tube from turbo by F-Town Street Machines. The exhaust has two (!) Capristo exhaust valves, which are controlled by the MFA XP in the speedometer. The system is named Atomic Warbird and it strikes impressive 130 dB onto the eardrum…

The Golf R equipped with the adaptive electric chassis control DCC is also brought closer to the asphalt due to an H & R lowering. Then there are CH wheels – according to BBS with genes from motorsport – in the dimension of 8×19 inches in powder Dormant Fire Red High Gloss with 235/35-19 Dunlop tires to be mentioned in particular.
This Golf R customized by SchwabenFolia would not be as half as spectacular as he is, if it was not for the complete foliation in Urban Taupe Matt Metallic by PWF (Platinum Wrapping Film). The powerful Golf holds his forces consciously under the blanket in a perfectly-professional manner of a “stealth Biter”.