H Porsche με κέρδη 2,44 δις ευρώ (+19% σε σχέση με το 2012) αποφάσισε ότι θα δώσει bonus 8.111 ευρώ σε όλους τους υπαλλήλους της, οι οποίοι φτάνουν τους 13.500 ευρώ.

Ο CEO και πρόεδρος της Porsche ευχαρίστησε το εργατικό δυναμικό και δήλωσε ότι η πετυχημένη πορεία της εταιρίας το 2012 οφείλεται κυρίως σε αυτούς.

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Sports car manufacturer rewards employees for best business year and 911 anniversary

8,111 euro special payment to Porsche employees

Stuttgart. The Executive Board and the General Works Council of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG have agreed to pay employees a voluntary special payment in the amount of up to 8,111 euros gross. The reasons for this special recognition are the most successful business year results in the company’s history and the anniversary of the Porsche 911: the sports car celebrated its premiere 50 years ago, and since then over 820,000 have been sold.

In the 2012 financial year, the sports car manufacturer increased its deliveries by about one-fifth compared to 2011, sales and operating earnings were each increased by around one-fourth, and its workforce grew 14 per cent. Above all, extension of the product range had a large impact on Development, Production and Sales and required a high level of flexible commitment by employees. A special payment for 2012 adjusted for individual work times and length of service during the year is being made to a total of over 13,500 Porsche employees in Germany.

At the company’s employees meeting on Wednesday (20th of March), Matthias Müller, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, thanked the workforce for its extraordinary commitment: “The fact that we at Porsche are consistently following a growth curve of success is not least of all due to the services of our employees. With regard to the 911 anniversary component in the bonus payment, we would also like to thank our strong team for transferring the vibrant traits of this sports car to all of the model series from Porsche.”
The Chairman of the General Works Council, Uwe Hück, stressed this: “Our colleagues have once again demonstrated full commitment to their work over the past year. They worked more and harder for the benefit of the company – even on many Saturdays. So, they and their families have truly earned this ‘turbo-intergalactic’ special payment. It is with humility as well as pride that we as employees look forward to this special payment. It was by no means expected as a matter of course, and so we value it that much more!”