Mercedes C-Class by Misha Designs (4)

H Misha Designs δημιούργησε ένα νέο bodykit για την Mercedes C-Class το οποίο δανείζεται πολλά στοιχεία από αυτό της C63 AMG Black Series. Αποτελείται από νέο μπροστά προφυλακτήρα, αεριζόμενο καπό, φουσκωμένα φτερά, πλαϊνές ποδιές, δύο αεροτομές, νέο πίσω προφυλακτήρα και carbon διαχύτη.

Οι πελάτες μπορούν να παραγγείλουν επίσης μαύρες ζάντες 19″ με ελαστικά Continental Extreme Contact διαστάσεων 235/35 μπροστά και 275/30 πίσω.

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New Misha Designs Mercedes C Class Body Kit Unveiled

It seems that there is a Mercedes C Class behind every corner nowadays. But with the just-released Mercedes C Class body kit by Misha Designs yours is sure to stick out far above the rest. This well-regarded Los Angeles design firm drew inspiration from Mercedes Black Series and created an even more aggressive and exotic body style that can be installed on any C Class and AMG C63 built from 2008 to present.

The front bumper cuts through the air with three large air intakes, designed not just to look awesome but also to increase air flow to the radiator. The unique air-channeling hood gives the car a much sportier and more aggressive look. The front fenders, side skirts and rear fender flares widen the automobile’s stance adding to the muscular appearance.

The rear bumper features two slotted out-vents, and can be ordered with an optional carbon fiber diffuser. The low profile trunk spoiler fits seamlessly with the look of the car and kit, as does the roof spoiler. Except for the rear fender flairs, this Misha Designs Mercedes C Class body kit bolts on to existing factory mounting points, which helps make the installation easier.

But the brand new Mercedes C Class body kit is not the only exciting news from Misha Designs. This time around the company is introducing its own wheels too, designed to fit perfectly with the newly transformed car. The wheels are 19” deep concave 14-spoke in gloss black, fitted with Continental Extreme Contact 235/35 in the front and the beefy 275/30 in the rear.

Same as Misha’s previous SL wide body design, this new C Class/AMG C63 wide body kit is meant to be installed as a full configuration. The surprise may be that the cost of the kit is only in four digits, making this upgrade hard to resist.

The first Mercedes C Class with Misha’s new body kit has already been spotted in Los Angeles last weekend; it was installed and painted by RDB Customization Center. The body kit is now available at, in both coupe and sedan versions. Whether you order one for C Class or AMG C63, be ready for a lot of amazed looks wherever you go. Suddenly transforming your car into an exotic will make it impossible to go unnoticed anywhere.