Η Volkswagen, ανακοίνωσε πως θα γιορτάσει την 40η επέτειο του Golf αυτή τη βδομάδα, στην Techno Classica στο Essen της Ολλανδίας.

Η παραγωγή της πρώτης γενιάς Golf, ξεκίνησε ακριβώς 40 χρόνια πριν στο Mittelland Canal στην κεντρική Γερμανία και η Volkswagen Classic θα γιορτάσει αυτή την επέτειο, εκθέτοντας ένα από τα παλαιότερα αυτοκίνητα από την πρώτη γενιά που λειτουργεί ακόμα. Στο περίπτερο της Γερμανικής εταιρίας στο hall 7.0, εκτός από το Golf Mk1 και κάποια ακόμα μοντέλα, θα είναι και ο Hans-Joachim “Strietzel” Stuck, ένας από τους πλέον γνωστούς Γερμανούς οδηγούς αγώνων και κάτοχος ενός Golf I GTI για να υπογράψει αυτόγραφα.

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Volkswagen celebrates the 40th birthday of the Golf and presents superb examples of the Beetle at the Techno Classica

  • Volkswagen Classic will be at the Techno Classica from 26 till 30 March in hall 7.0
  • The focus is on the 40th anniversary of the Golf and an exhibition of sporty Beetles
  • Exhibition by the Volkswagen owners’ clubs in hall 8.1
One of the oldest existing Golf I models comes from Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen and can be seen at the Volkswagen Classic stand.

Together with other marques in the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Classic is celebrating with a major appearance at the world fair for vintage, classic and prestige automobiles in Essen. The focus in 2014 is on the 40th birthday of the Golf and seven sporty Beetles.

Volkswagen Classic is bundling all activities relating to the history of its cars and exhibiting some sensational models from its vehicle collections in Wolfsburg and Osnabrück in hall 7.0. To start with, there is a big anniversary: under the motto ‘40 Years of Golf’, one of the oldest models from the first series still in existence will be on show. The Golf I marked the beginning of an impressive success story: to date, more than 30 million Golfs have been delivered.

The exhibit has been made available by the AutoMuseum Volkswagen Foundation for the Techno Classica. Also coming from this museum is a cutaway Golf I featuring a number of extras. It can be seen on the neighbouring Volkswagen Classic Parts stand and will be highlighting the oldest Wolfsburg vehicle collection: the car museum in Wolfsburg’s Dieselstrasse, situated to the east of the Autostadt, showcases the entire product history of Volkswagen.

To mark the anniversary of the first Golf, which rolled off the production line on the Mittelland Canal exactly 40 years ago, Volkswagen Classic is celebrating this special birthday at its fair stand with all the visitors in fitting style. One surprise can already be revealed: Hans-Joachim ‘Strietzel’ Stuck, one of the best-known German-speaking racing drivers and himself an owner of a Golf I GTI, will be on hand to sign autographs.

The second area of focus for Volkswagen Classic at the Techno Classica is on a collection of especially sporty ‘Power Beetles’ (you can read more on the history of these and other ‘Power Beetles’ in the magazine special ‘Kraftkäfer’ A total of seven superb Beetles from the incredible 21.5 million models built throughout its rich history will be exhibited – among them a Beetle ‘Salzburg’, a special version of a New Beetle RSi and the Volkswagen E-Bugster.

Visitors to the Volkswagen Classic Stand in Essen can even try to record a best time in some of the cars on display – albeit on a smaller scale on a stylish slot car racing track.

As in previous years, a photographer will be on hand at the Volkswagen Classic stand to take photos of the vehicles on display – the souvenir photos of the cars are, of course, once again free of charge.

Incidentally, visitors and fans who wish to delve even deeper into the motoring scene of Volkswagen enthusiasts should definitely not miss the opportunity to visit the owners’ clubs in hall 8.1.