Volkswagen Golf R by OETTINGER 2

Η Oettinger παρουσίασε το νέο της βελτιωτικό πρόγραμμα για το Volkswagen Golf R.

Στον αισθητικό τομέα, ο Γερμανός βελτιωτής ετοίμασε ένα νέο εμπρός spoiler, νέα side skirts καθώς και μία αεροτομή στο τελείωμα της οροφής που συνδυαστικά, δημιουργούν ένα πιο “άγριο” παρουσιαστικό για το κορυφαίο Golf.

Μηχανικά, το R εξοπλίζεται με μεγαλύτερο turbo και επαναπρογραμματισμένη ECU. Χάρη σε αυτές μόνο τις αλλαγές, η ιπποδύναμη σκαρφαλώνει στα 400 άλογα και η ροπή στα 500 Nm, 100 άλογα και 120 Nm περισσότερα από το stock. Οι πελάτες μπορούν να παραγγείλουν επίσης νέο σύστημα εξαγωγής με 4πλες απολήξεις, μεγαλύτερα φρένα και 19 ή 20 ιντσών ζάντες ελαφρού κράματος. Με τις βελτιώσεις, τα 100km/h από στάση, έρχονται σε λιγότερα από 4 δευτερόλεπτα και η τελική είναι περίπου 280Km/h.

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Mission is possible – The OETTINGER Golf VII R

Not only club sport drivers are eagerly looking forward to the premier of the new OETTINGER super sports car at the Wörthersee GTI meet. The Golf VII R especially represents the archetypal challenge for OETTINGER, to give the most potent version of the best seller from Wolfsburg even more power and sportiness. The result is three versions. The initial 360 HP version is now joined by further versions with 380 HP and even 400HP. The latest developments can be admired fort he first time at the Tuner GP in Hockenheim (23rd. and 24th. May) and then a few days later at the GTI meet at the Wörthersee.

Already the appearance of the OETTINGER Golf R draws attention to itself – Front spoiler, side skirts and the 4 tail pipe rear skirt, (with even more clearly defined ribs),are further sharpened with the custom aerodynamic package. Also the distinctive roof spoiler with the open R-Flaps demonstrates the keen sense for professional motor sport appearance of the OETTINGER stylists. As is to be expected from OETTINGER, the high end tuner from Friedrichsdorf, the Golf R body kit is manufactured in OEM standard high quality RIM.

Particularly with the larger turbocharger together with a complete exhaust system and skilful modification of the engine management have the OETTINGER engineers delivered a real highlight. The „OETTINGER Engine Power Command“ optimised power unit puts out 400 HP, that is 100 HP more than the series. The massive 500 Nm (369 lb/ft) torque is also impressive (series 380 Nm / 280 lb/ft). With a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) of less than 4.0 seconds, the Golf VII R from the Hessisch Friedrichsdorf beats the original version by over 1 second; the top speed is around 280 km/h (174 mph). Whilst demonstrating absolute competence in increasing the output, the technicians maintain the unwavering commitment to the irrevocable (and almost 70 year) commitment to the OETTINGER values. These encompass engine durability without having to forsake performance. These are assured via intensive trials on the test bench, race and test track – of course also in this case.

The OETTINGER performance enhancements for the Golf VII R start at 360 HP. The new OETTINGER high performance racing brakes provide vehement as well as safe retardation. The sports exhaust with 4 tail pipe rear silencer produces an irresistible and feisty sound. Finally the stylish and sporty OETTINGER rims, available in 19” or 20“ convey sufficiently superior presence.

Thanks to all these visual and technical refinements an absolutely breathtaking super sports car has been created – the new OETTINGER Golf VII R with 360 HP, 380 HP or even 400 HP. The Nurburgring awaits!

A video of the new OETTINGER Golf R is available at the Internet

You can learn more about the tuning program of OETTINGER from the website