Hummer H2 by Vilner 5

Η Vilner μας έχει συνηθίσει σε καλαίσθητες και ποιοτικές δημιουργίες οπότε αυτό το Hummer H2, μας ξενίζει λίγο. Τι να πεις… όταν μιλάει ο πελάτης…

Hummer H2 by Vilner 3

Όπως και να έχει, το εν λόγω Hummer H2, έχει βελτιωθεί με Κινέζικο theme. Το ευμέγεθες H2, έχει βαφτεί σε ένα έντονο κίτρινο χρώμα που συμπληρώνεται από μοτίβα δράκων. Πατάει σε ζάντες 26 ιντσών ενώ στο εξωτερικό, έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί άφθονο χρώμιο.

Hummer H2 by Vilner 7

Αντίστοιχο είναι το theme και στο εσωτερικό. Φυσικά τα πάντα είναι ντυμένα με δέρμα και ενώ είμαστε σίγουροι πως η δουλειά που έχει γίνει είναι ποιοτική, το στυλ, το επιλεγμένο theme και ο χρωματικός συνδυασμός, είναι too much για τα δικά μας γούστα. Εσύ τι λες;

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Hummer H2 has been restyled by the luxury tuning specialists at Vilner.

The car received full interior treatment starting with the seats, through the dashboard, steering wheel and doors, as well as the ceiling.

As a consequence, the dull grey interior color gave way to the contrast combination of black and yellow leathers, including nappa, shagreen and Alcantara. The decoration inside is achieved by contrasting yellow stitching and embroidery in the same color.

The main theme of this Hummer H2 is the Chinese dragon, which is not considered evil in the Asian mythology. In fact, the Chinese dragon is a good creature that carries luck and wealth. According to ancient myths, the dragon is a symbol of man’s Jan nature, and thus it becomes a symbol of power, and it is even part of the emblem of the Chinese Han Dynasty.

Outside the dragon in the Vilner`s H2 is created with black foil, while inside – on the ceiling, doors, seats, glove box, it was made via fine embroidery in yellow. In addition, the chrome grille on the hood features black leather handles also finished in yellow contrasting stitching.

Furthermore, the seat belts are in yellow body color, the dials are also yellow and their lightning is changed with LED diodes. Even the door pockets are wrapped in leather. At last, the giant Hummer H2 by Vilner rides on 26 inch wheels, which also adds to its attractiveness as a summer ride.