BMW 435d xDrive Coupe by G-Power (1)

Στη περίπτωση που τα 313 εργοστασιακά άλογα της BMW 435d xDrive Coupe για κάποιους είναι λίγα, η G-Power μπορεί να επαναπρογραμματίσει την ECU της και να την κάνει να παράγει 380 άλογα με 755 Nm ροπής, 125 Nm ροπής περισσότερα από την εργοστασιακή τιμή. Ο Γερμανικός οίκος δεν πειράζει οπτικά την 4άρα, μιας και το μόνο που τοποθετεί σε αυτή, είναι οι νέες σφυρήλατες ζάντες 22″.

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G-POWER 435d xDrive F32 – power output increase of 67 hp and 125 Nm to 380 hp (279 kW) and 755 Nm with the G-POWER performance software

G-POWER 435d – 380 hp (279 kW) / 755 Nm

The 3.0 litres 6-cylinder serial motor, thanks to its default Biturbo charge the ideal basis for additional power increases: the G-POWER performance software optimizes the factory BMW motor electronics and increases power by 67 hp (49 kW) to a total of 380 hp. Even more impressive is the increase in torque of 125 Nm adding up to an awesome 755 Nm. In order to put this figure into the right perspective a comparison to the top models the M3/M4 won’t do. You’ll have to step up to the legendary G-POWER M5 V10 HURRICANE RR with 780 Nm in order to find a right match for the torque level of the G-POWER 435d xDrive.

Surprisingly the similarities with the world record car – with a top speed of 372,1 km/h still the fastest sedan in the world – don’t stop there. Of course with a Biturbo charged 3.0 litres 6-cylinder on the one hand and a 5.0 litres 10-cylinder with G-POWER Bi-Kompressor system on the other, the technical basis could not be more different.

But still the development of the performance software for the G-POWER 435d xDrive has a lot in common with the software programming for the G-POWER Bi-Kompressor systems and a thus a lot of programming Know-How has been transferred from one project to the other. Because especially keeping all the serial BMW safety programs for the engine working in combination with a power output increase is one of the major challenges in the field of ECU programming. That is why G-POWER spends above-average time with its engineering program, consisting next to the programming works themselves of countless test kilometers on the dyno, in everyday driving and of course the Autobahn.

Next to the power output increase G-POWER is offering the option to delete the serial top speed restriction, as well. In order to do so the limit for the top speed is raised to a theoretical value that cannot be achieved in practice, thus the G-POWER 435d xDrive is able to achieve a top speed that is in accordance to its power output of 380 hp (279 kW).

On the surface the G-POWER 435d xDrive is showing its new gained sportiness with a set of 20’ G-POWER HURRICANE RR forged wheels. This innovative G-POWER wheel is made from ultra-light aerospace aluminum and in combination with a weight optimized design in CAD it is one of the lightest 20 inch wheels on the market.

Further details along with the prices for the G-POWER Bi-Tronik 2 V1 and V-MAX increase are listed in our online shop.