Bentley Bentayga First Edition Collection

Μέρα ορόσημο για την Bentley η σημερινή, 22 Μαρτίου του 2016, μιας και η βρετανική εταιρία παρέδωσε τις πρώτες Bentayga τους ιδιοκτήτες της, με το βρετανικό πολυτελές SUV να παρουσιάζεται στην έκθεση της Φρανκφούρτης τον Σεπτέμβριο του 2015

Όλες οι Bentayga που έχουν κατασκευαστεί στο εργοστάσιο της Bentley στο Crewe, μέχρι τώρα, είναι η έκδοση First Edition. Περισσότερες από 130 ώρες απαιτούνται για την παραγωγή κάθε Bentayga, του ταχύτερου και πιο πολυτελούς SUV στον κόσμο.

Η Bentley Bentayga μοσχοπουλά και η βρετανική εταιρία, μη προλαβαίνοντας πλέον την ζήτηση έχει ήδη αυξήσει την παραγωγή της Bentayga από τις 3.600 μονάδες στις 5.500 μονάδες για φέτος, κάτι που δεν αρκεί μιας και παραγωγή εξακολουθεί να μην προλαβαίνει την ζήτηση, με την λίστα αναμονής να ξεπερνά το ένα έτος.

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  • First Bentayga customers attend exclusive handover event at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, England
  • Bespoke factory tour of Bentayga production
  • First Edition models feature enhanced specification, with unique interior and exterior styling details

(Crewe, 22 March 2016) Bentley Motors today hands over the first Bentayga to customers, at an exclusive event at the company’s global headquarters in Crewe.

The event marks a major milestone in Bentley’s history, as customer cars for the brand’s fourth model line – built in Crewe alongside the Continental GT, Flying Spur and Mulsanne – commence delivery around the world.

Taking more than 130 hours to produce each car, guests at the event in Crewe were given privileged access to Bentley’s factory to see the skill and passion involved in Bentayga’s creation, with insight from key people involved in the car’s design, engineering and craftsmanship.

Kevin Rose, Member of the Board for Sales, Marketing and Aftersales commented, “This is an historic day for Bentley and it is a great testament to all the work which has gone in to producing Bentayga, the fastest and most luxurious SUV in the world.

“The customers joining us for the event have followed the Bentayga journey since we proposed the idea of a Bentley SUV, and were among the very first in the world to put their names down on the order book for First Edition cars – many before they had even seen the finished model. Today their confidence in Bentley is repaid as they take delivery of a car which has been unanimously praised by the world’s media.

“I would also especially like to thank our 4,000-strong workforce in Crewe for their commitment in bringing Bentayga to life. Their passion, skill and dedication is a significant part of makes Bentley such an iconic and appealing brand right around the world.”

The Bentley Bentayga combines unparalleled luxury with effortless performance and everyday usability. It is designed, engineered and handcrafted in Crewe. Customer deliveries will commence in other regions around the world shortly.